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I just discovered this was a board after posting on the BF board and them wanting no part of my formula talk...understandably so lol

I originally asked how efficient it was to exclusively pump and was given a lot of cons on it other than the baby actually getting breast milk. My dilemma is that BFing is just not for me so now I'm considering going formula from the start.

ANOTHER question...H & I recently took a parenting class and we were told that there are some infants that will die from formula but was never given a reason why and I was shocked.

SO...I'm just wondering with all that information, what is the pros/cons of it all?  


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Re: BF/Pumping/Formula

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    I mentioned this to someone else and they said it was because of the risk of SIDS which made me wonder how the two were connected :/ I'm lost lol but I love your response. Thanks! I'm hoping to at least hear one success story of formula feeding! lol


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    I saw your post on another board and honestly LOLd when I read about what you heard in that class... One of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Clearly the people there were completely ignorant and biased. Whatever path you decide to take, just do it if it feels right for your family. EPing or supplementing or straight formula. You have to be happy and mentally at 100% for your child and the rest of the family. If something is not working out, you can always try something else. Everything is doable if it's the right fit for your family. I had chronic low supply but I still BFed, then pumped after every feed and at night when K slept and also gave her formula. Oh and took supplements. So I probably washed twice as much stuff as the average person, spent time hooked to the pump, spent a bunch of money on supplement s AND formula and you know what - it was fine. For over 7 months. And when I decided I was over all that. I went to straight formula. And that worked too. Don't stress about other people's opinions just try different things. There are many options out there.
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    @harmonicbabe26‌ I did the same. Isn't the tea lovely? :p

    Tea, fenugreek, blessed thistle, goats rue AND Domperidone... For months... Ughhh. I was so glad when I ran out of it all one day and said ALL DONE with this BS! :)
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    Oh and also about efficiency of pumping. This may be an individual case but I wouldn't let people generalize and say that baby is always more efficient than the pump and you will never get as much as a baby would. Again, I might be the only person on the planet (doubtful) but my DD was also so over my low supply towards the end when she was older that she didn't nurse as effectively. I always felt 'emptier' after pumping so towards the end I EPed and that worked too.
  • I echo pretty much all of the above from PP's. I have heard that EPing from the start makes it harder and personally I loathed pumping with a startling passion, but if you want to do it I don't see why you shouldn't. Just keep in mind that it might not be as easy as BFing or FFing; having a realistic expectation of the process will probably help - the BFing board should be able to give you guidance on that specifically, just don't mention formula :)
    That said, please don't listen to anyone who tells you that FFing is dangerous. We supplemented from the start due to low supply issues and then switched to EFFing at about 6 weeks and DD has just thrived. With our next we plan to EFF from the start and I'm so excited to be able to actually enjoy the first weeks of our child's life. Do what's right for you and your family, whether that's BFing, EPing, FFing, or a mix of all of them. Good luck!
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  • PP have given you great advice. I EPed for a while but only produced about a third of DS's daily needs. I did that until he started solids at about 5.5 months. DH had to step up big time with baby care to make this possible, which he began to resent after a while. At the time I was proud of myself for sticking it out so long but part of me regrets it too because DH spent so much time with DS during that time and DS clearly considers him the primary parent. I'm only his preferred person when DH is not around. It makes me sad sometimes. If you want to do it, it's totally possible but it takes a lot of compromising in other areas. Also, regarding your question about that horrible thing they said about formula in your class. PP touched on a few of the reasons, but the other is specific to premature babies. There is clear evidence that very early and vulnerable babies are less likely to suffer from a serious digestive tract infection if they are BF. Many hospitals are now giving those babies pasteurized donor milk, managed by human milk banks. That class instructor never should have made a blanket statement like that though. How irresponsible. Good luck in coming up with something that is right for you and your family.
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  • The "death by formula" nonsense comes from people being stupid. It's when people can't read how to properly add X amount of formula with X amount of water, overfeed the baby and they end up with water intoxication. It isn't actually the formula that kills them, it's the water. I'm sure you heard about those teens dying a few years back from being hazed in college by having to drink excess amounts of water. Same thing, and much easier to do with babies since they're so tiny. I FF my daughter from day one, and she's completely healthy (has actually only been truly sick twice in her 6 years, knock on wood), she's incredibly smart and is on target for height and weight. I'm not doing anything different this time around.
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