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One nap with 3 meals, 2 snacks

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We have finally made the 2-1 nap transition. YAY!! That was a hard transition for DD (and me!). She is a little over 16 months old and has been on one nap for 2 weeks so it's safe to say the transition is made...

Now that we are on one nap, I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the 3 meals and 2 snacks that is recommended. So far we are doing 3 meals and one snack. What does your schedule look like if you're on one nap?

Here is our recent schedule:

6:30-7 wake up(although she's been waking up at 5:30 the last 2 days. I am hoping it's a fluke or due to the warm temperature) - nurses upon waking up

8:00 - Breakfast

11 - Lunch

11:45 Nap - it's been 2 hours recently

2:30 - Snack

5:30-5:45 ish - Dinner

6:30-7- Bedtime - nurses before going down, takes her 30 to 45 minutes to fall sleep

I tried a small snack in the morning but then she didn't want to eat lunch before going down for her nap. Also, although we are down to one nap, my hope is to push it to 12:30 in the next month or so. Right now she goes to bed by 11:45 and falls sleep by noon.

Re: One nap with 3 meals, 2 snacks

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    Thanks! good to hear that! I think the current schedule is working but we were at the ped last Monday and the ped mentioned that kids her age should be on 3 meals 2 I thought maybe my schedule is off if we don't have time for a second snack.
  • I agree with PP, no need to make her eat if she is not hungry.  My DD is not a big snacker, some days she doesn't have any.  Typically she only has one and if she wants more she tells me.  This is her typical schedule:

    9am- wake and eat breakfast
    12pm- lunch
    1-3pm nap
    She often asks for a snack after being awake for a bit
    6ish we eat dinner
    Every once in a while she will ask for a snack before bed, especially if she did not particularly like what we had for dinner
    7:30pm- bed

    We have a pretty consistant schedule for meals and play snacks by ear, works well for us.
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    Mine is the following:

    8-9am - Breakfast
    10/11 - Snack
    11/12 - Nap
    2 - Lunch
    4 - Snack
    6 - Dinner
    7:30-8 - Bedtime

    Her snacks are generally like a 4oz bottle. She's 14 mo, but she's been down to 1 nap since probably around 9/10 mo.
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  • We switched to one nap about the same time as your LO did, and our schedule is pretty much identical to yours. My LO does great with it - if it's working well for yours too, stick with it. I saw a huge shift at 18 months in his willingness to eat certain foods and it has helped immensely to have set meal and snack times. That way, he is hungry and more willing to eat (but not starving and having a meltdown) and not allowed to just graze and fill up on crackers.
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  • My LO is in day care from 630 - ~330 / 4, so we try to stick to the same schedule on the weekends.

    530 / 545 - wake up

    6 - breakfast (Fruit and a waffle or fruit and yogurt)

    8 / 830 - am snack

    1130 - lunch

    1230-3 - nap

    3 / 330 - pm snack (he will also eat some fruit right when we get home around 4, especially if we pick him up and he hasn't finished his pm snack yet)

    530 - dinner

    6 - bath

    615 / 630 - bedtime

  • DS has been on 3 meals-1 snack schedule forever.  like you, I was worried about it at the beginning, but now I just don't anymore.  If anything, lately he has been getting 2 snacks maybe half of the time, but that's because he now eats less at breakfast than he used to.

    Our schedule
    8am b'fast
    +/- snack around 10:30a (only if he's hungry)
    11:30am lunch
    between 3-4p snack (upon wake-up from nap)
    6:30pm dinner
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  • Thank you everyone!
  • Wake around 730am
    Breakfast 8am
    Snack 10am
    Lunch Noon
    Nap 1pm-3pm some times 4pm
    Snack after nap
    Dinner 5pm-6pm
    Bed 730pm

    Both my 16 month and 3 yr old are on this schedule and it is what works for us.
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