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anyone have good secrets to securing those plastic tablecloths at outdoor bday party?

last year I got the plastic tablecloths for the theme of the kids' party and did not take wind into account. I attempted to tie & tape the things down but it did nto work so well. This is at a park, so it is the heavy metal tables that have sort of a thick rim (no using clothespins) and the crisscross metal 'grid' on the top of the table if that makes sense. I don't think tablecloth weights on the corners will work b/c of the grid on the top, the wind blows up under the table & lifts the top too.
Would love creative ideas or something easy I'm missing?

Re: anyone have good secrets to securing those plastic tablecloths at outdoor bday party?

  • They make table cloth clips. They are just clear clips that you attach to the table.

    You can get them online or at party stores. Target or Meijer, etc, might have them too.

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  • Yeah I just don't see the clips working on that style of table, the lip around the edge is thick..but I guess I could buy a set and go over to the park one day & see if they'll work...they should make them w/ sticky on the back or something!
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  • depending on the theme.. could you put tablecloth on table and since it is mesh type table top, slit holes in it, and tie ribbon or  string and make small bows on top, or underneath? sort of like tacking a quilt., could even put balloons up the center after it is tied down.

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  • ss+elss+el member
    Duck tape washers to the underside of the corners, and maybe once or twice along each long edge?

  • Thanks all! Good call on cutting some slits to let air through. I'll have to bring along several different options...
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    You can buy sticky stuff at the craft store. It is a roll of it and works like chewed gum would. I  use that under the cloth on the table. works fab
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  • Love that idea!!
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