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Anyone do EC?

That is, elimination communication? This is where you communicate with your baby about when they need to go and hold them over the toilet (or another receptacle) instead of or in addition to diapering. At first, you watch them for clues that they need to go or are going, and you give sign or sound cues to associate with it, then after a while you can give them the same sign or sound cues and they go on command. Or that's the idea anyway. I've read a couple books on it, though not recently (like 5 years ago when we first thought we'd have a baby soon, so it's not fresh in my mind). Anyhow, I'm 22 weeks pregnant now, and I want to do it. But I don't know anyone who has, or even anyone who has tried. Even my super crunchy parents and friends roll their eyes at the idea, even though it seems like every parent knows when their child is soiling a diaper or will soon... Maybe not all the time, but at least often.

I'm curious if anyone has experience with it. I'd especially be interested in tips on what to put on the baby's bottom half as we get started with it. It needs to be fast/easy to remove, and hopefully fast/easy to put back on. It doesn't have to as super absorbent or waterproof as a diaper, but realistically I know there will be misses early and we have a lot of carpet. (We are planning to get the carpet replaced in the next couple years anyway, but obviously want to keep it from getting nastier than necessary.)

Re: Anyone do EC?

  • We are doing it part time ish. She wears cloth, we don't go diaper free. That would be messy. As a newborn, she would always go when we took the diaper off, so I held her over the (small bjorn) potty at 2 wks for the first time, thinking might as well try, and she pooped! Now at 4.5 Mos she poops on the potty more often than in diapers. They pee so frequently that usually it's a wet diaper + pee in the potty. We are casual about it... put her on when she wakes up and at every change...less of the communication part and more knowing when she is gonna have to go, at this point at least. Its no more work than changing a diaper.
    She really seems to know now what the potty is for. Like I will bathe her, play w her on changing table shes naked for 20/30 mins. Put her on potty and she goes. Kinda amazing. It's definitely going better than I expected. I heard along the way there are always regressions...but for now it has Def saved me many poop diaper washings! And who wants to sit in a poop diaper? This is much more hygenic. And she will be familiar with potty already when it is time to potty train. Win win. Good luck with it! I read diaper free baby, check it out if u havent.
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