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Relocating after birth and can't have fancy nursery. Cons?

Hey folks, looking for a little feedback here. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend and I are relocating from Boston to the midwest. We've decided to move a few months after the baby comes. My concern is the nursery. I've been doing a lot of reading that building a nursery is a critical foundation/ building block for moms for when the baby comes. Unfortunately with a move in the near future, we can't get too crazy with the cute wall decor, paint, fancy furniture, etc. It's probably going to be the basic stuff like a small cradle, a changing table, and a dresser. Once we move into our new home I can make up the nursery the way I intend to. BUT like I said, I always read that it's a critical point DURING PREGNANCY, not after. Do you think this will impact me on an emotional level? Or is it fluffed up and over exaggerated? Any thoughts?
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Re: Relocating after birth and can't have fancy nursery. Cons?

  • Agree 100% with PP!!

    DS didn't have his own room until he was 2. The first two years of his life he spent sleeping in our bed (so no crib, mobile, or nursery bedding/colors), and the changing table was against the wall in our room. I don't think anyone suffered emotionally from not having a nursery. ;) fact, it's a weight off because it's one less thing (and one less enormous thing, I might add) to do before baby arrives!
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  • Definitely exaggerated! DS didn't use his room at all until he was almost 6 months, and it wasn't done until about 2 days before that ;-) If it will make you feel better, why don't you decorate the area of the room that your LO will be using? Hang a mobile and some art, put a fluffy rug down, etc, and then when you make the nursery you can move it all in there. I think the Ikea website has some good ideas, and maybe Apartment Therapy? I'm sure if you Google it you can find tons of cute ideas.
  • No big deal... I'm still finishing mine...dd is 8m old, lol. You will have a better idea anyway of what you need/want after baby comes anyway. Now that she's mobile, we are having lots of fun playing in her room.

    My only suggestion us to go ahead and pick out a recliner/ will use the hell out of it the first few months. I begrudgingly got the Kelsey from BRU and it's been amazing. I can't believe I thought I would get by without one.

    Another thing you can do is go ahead and get your ideas together...and make any DIYs now...while you have time :). Most art/mobilesetc are easy to pack!
  • My only suggestion us to go ahead and pick out a recliner/ will use the hell out of it the first few months.
    hah!  We're on the other end - DD hated the glider and it has gotten barely any use at all, other than taking up much needed space.
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  • I spent 90% of our time in our living room the first couple months. I had the bassinet and change area set up in there so I had everything I needed all in one area. If I wasn't in the living room I was in our bedroom which I would just wheel the bassinet into.

    I think you'll be just fine without painting and doing a bunch of decor. You'll have more fun with that stuff once you know you'll be able to enjoy it long term. I agree that you'll be able to place things where you know you'll need/want them once you get into a groove with LO.
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    Haha totally made me LOL. Was this a sales pitch from BRU or a furniture company?
    Pregnant women tend to want to nest but there is absolutely nothing in that that could be considered 'critical' as in what, your health and the existence f your baby depend on this?? Lol!

    Most likely your child will sleep in your room in a bassinet or rnp for a while. This is the silliest thing to stress about when pregnant.... I have an aversion to 'nursery themes' and pimped out nurseries with super cutesy, coordinated schemes so we never really did much that way. I'm conviced I am not the only one. Nobody will tell me I am not fully a mother because I never got into the 'designing a nursery' frenzy...
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    Whoever said it's a critical point during pregnancy is speaking out of their a**.
    Seriously, if you're just going to move 2 or 3 months after baby is there, I'd skip the nursery, plan on having a bassinet/PNP in your room, and have a changing table somewhere.  Boom, you're done.

    Someone is trying to sell you a whole load of unnecessary things with that advice.
    100% agree ^^  I know I went through a "nesting" phase but that wasn't just with the nursery.  In fact, I wish I didn't spend so much time worrying about that room... besides daytime naps, LO is hardly ever in there!
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    Not having a nursery is totally fine.  When DS was born, we were in a small rental house and there was no room we could use for a nursery.  So we set up the crib, changing table and dresser in our room, and we didn't decorate.  I was sad for about 5 seconds that I didn't have a nursery to decorate, but I got over it.  The little babies don't appreciate the nursery theme - they just want love and affection and food. 

    We moved to a bigger house when DS was 9 months, and we painted DS' room in bright colors, but we still haven't gotten around to decorating it over a year later. He doesn't care - within a year, I'll decorate it with stuff he's into (cars, elmo, whatever), but it's a low priority. 

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  • :) I'm really digging this mom's blog these days My husband and I have a spare room that we don't really want to heat or cool. We're in nh so you must be able to do both to be comfortable! Then I started looking online for nursery essentials since I'm a ftm. I stumbled upon this blog and found 1) babies only need a place to sleep and poop and 2) I kind of identify with minimalism and this woman's parenting priorities.
  • I guess I'm just stuck on the 'right of passage' as they call it. All your comments pretty much sum up the same thing - the baby wouldn't use the room or even have a clue it existed so we're better off to do without it and worry about it after we move. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! :)
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    What the crap are you talking about??
  • I agree with everyone saying that the "advice" you've ready is hooey.  

    We moved when LO was 9 months old, and did not have a nursery for him in our old place.  We'd always planned on having LO in our room until about a year (we wound up transitioning him at about 10 months), so it was no big deal for us.
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    DS born 6/2013
  • I'd love for you to share the link to these expert opinions, because I read lots of mom blogs, etc. and have NEVER heard that a nursery is critical for the mothers emotional well-being.

    We had a nursery with my first, but didn't use it until he was 6+ months, when we moved him into his crib (which he was only in for the first 4-5 hours of sleep each night).  We mostly used the nursery for storage and for clothing.  This time around, we live in a small, 2-bedroom apartment so baby will be with us for the foreseeable future.  The only thing that I am not liking is trying to figure out where to put the baby clothes, since we don't have room for another dresser and our dresser is full.  Other than that, I am not missing the nursery at all.  One less room to clean and prepare :)  
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  • This is all marketing. Most people in the world do not have a separate room for their baby, let alone a fancy nursery. If minimalism works for you, more power to you!

  • Pretty much all the furniture in the nursery was "borrowed" from other rooms.  The only things we bought were the crib and the dresser (which was a baby shower gift).
    Our only "nursery decorations" are a pack of jungle themed reusable wall stickers that I found on a clearance sale.
    Our nursery is for sleeping, and not much else.

    My 2 cents.  Get a pack and play with a bassinet attachment, at least until you move into the new place.
    Assembling, disassembling, and reassembling a crib would be seriously annoying.
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