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I had a long rough day with the boys. H just got home so I sent him upstairs to give the boys a bath and start bedtime routine while I sit, relax, and enjoy a nutty buddy bar and my version of a sour apple slush with crushed ice. So good!

What are you doing?
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    Laying in bed with my mobile checking in on the bump. DH finally turned off the TV (which was tuned to sports channel)...Thank god he turned it off. I could not handle much more commentary surrounding LeBron ' s return to Cleveland.

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    I am about to go to town on a big messy coney dog and waiting for my fiancé to turn his back on his beer so I can steal a sip..
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    Watching TV and working on a crochet blanket for my cousins baby. DD is not wanting to go to sleep, so it's hard to relax.
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    DH is at work so I'm about to heat a pizza and turn on Netflix. Probably Raising Hope. That's my new silly show. I always feel bad getting up when the dogs are so comfortable on me.
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    I just finished dinner which took way too long to make. I tried an new recipe and didn't realize it had so much cook time. I'm now watching Bill Maher and thinking about having ice cream.
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    Unpacking boxes and putting all of the clothes away while watching old greys anatomy episodes and avoiding MH who has been royally pissing me off today.

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    Playing on my tablet and drinking sparkling water. So exciting!
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    Just finished an awesome dinner out. Now snuggled in bed with husband and puppy watching friends reruns and mobile bumping!

    I have felt in previous posts that we were bumpie soulmates but finding out you were watching friends reruns confirms my feelings!!! I am a diehard friends fan and apparently super creepy for bump-stalking you.


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