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Lurker intro!

Hi all,

Since there has been a question about Lurkes in J14, I'll go ahead and make an intro!

I'm a FTM and DD was born in Janurary. I'm a special education teacher who works with children on the Autism spectrum, I'm also going to grad school to get my masters in that area and become a behavior analyst.

I have a fantastic husband who travels a lot for work (he's typically OOT m-f. I also have a sweet boxer mutt who keeps me sane! Even though I'm new, you all have already helped me and LO a lot. I'll make more of an effort to involve myself!

Re: Lurker intro!

  • Welcome to the board! Are you back to work now or are you still off on mat leave?

     DD born Oct 2011 - DS#1 born Jan 2014 - DS#2 born Apr 2015 - DS#3 born Sept 2016 - LO#5 due Feb 7, 2018

  • I went back for 6 weeks in the spring but am off now for summer. I go back July 29th, so LO will start daycare full time :(
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  • Well apparently I have 2 accounts and am logged in differently on on iPad/phone....sigh. I guess that's what I get for lurking and not posting! I'm off to try to figure out how to delete one!
  • Welcome!
    BFP #1 (7/13/12) MC (8/14) 9 weeks. D & C 8/17.
    BFP #2 (5/18/13) due 1/26/14. Grow baby grow!
    Its a surprise! Team green!

  • Hello, welcome
  • lcon87lcon87 member
    I've lurked for over a year now!

    My LO was born on January 9th (A sweet little baby girl).

    I teach HS English and am the StuCo advisor. I'm currently working on my Master's in TESOL. I have a step-daughter who will soon be 9. Husband is a police officer and we have been married for a little over four years.

    Picture attached:
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