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Probably TMI but does anyone else......

.... Have extremely itchy lady parts since giving birth? I've never had this issue before, but I swear ever since having E, it's been a problem. So much that it will last 1-3 days at a time, and sometimes there's some swelling. I use anti-itch medication which the OB said was ok. But it is just so annoying. Sometimes I don't even want to have sex bc the irritation is so bad. I've heard people say that once you give birth your lady bizness is never the same. Is this what they meant? Or should I see the doc? Oh, and there are no other symptoms, like discharge or bumps, so no STD. Well at least I would think not.....

Re: Probably TMI but does anyone else......

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    OMG yes! I had a pap last week and brought it up to my OB. The problem with mine is my lady parts are really dry like it needs lotion lol. I bought this Summers Eve moisturizing wash on my OB's recommendation. It works pretty well but I also still put aloe vera on my parts. I should also mention that i'm talking about the outside lip area.


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    Yes! A couple days of irritating itchiness, and then by the time I'm thinking I should do something about it, it's gone. So annoying!
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    That's actually how I knew I was pregnant with DS1. This time it hasn't been to bad. Read online the PH changes down there during pregnancy and can cause it.
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    FYI: just saw a commercial for cortisone 10 feminine itch. Must be fairly common.
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