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No naps

When does the transition to no naps happen? I realize every LO will be different but I'm just curious for future reference. LO didn't nap at all today, he's 18 months, handled it very well and went down for bed just like every other night. I'm not ready for him to cut out his nap so I'm just hoping it was fluke.

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  • Most kids I know were 2.5-3 years old when they stopped. Most moms I know still make their kids have a "quiet time" even if they don't nap. I will *definitely* be stealing that idea. :)
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  • Oh this is so good to hear! I mean not that it would be the end of the world but nap time is nice for everyone. I had a play date with another mom today, who has 2 kids and she said her oldest son dropped his naps around 18 months and that she thinks her 17 month old is starting to now. That's what had me questioning the fact that he didn't nap today.
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  • Well my oldest was this age-ish when he stopped napping.  He did well some days, napped insanely late some days, was miserable all evening some days and it was only recently 2-ish that he actually did well without a nap and were able to go in the car in the evening without worrying about him falling asleep too late.  So... with ds 2 I'm so thankful he still takes a nap right on cue.  So it's possible your lo is done with naps, but if I were you I'd keep trying to stick with a nap until at least 2.  It was a hassle for us.

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  • I think it depends on how consistent you are with it.  I have a friend who was consistent with her DD's taking naps and both dropped before 2 even though they still needed them.  

    My DD is 3.5 and still naps probably 5- 6 days per week.  But she goes upstairs and into bed every day regardless and it's her call whether she wants to stay there or play and read or whatever.  DS is 22 mos and he definitely still naps.  
  • maybe your LO is going thru the 18-month sleep regression.  My daughter did this for exactly 1 month.  I am very against sleep crutches, but I knew this phase would pass, so we resorted to whatever worked to get her for a small nap (usually a car ride).  I did this, in order to keep her nap a part of the daily routine.  After a month, she went back to napping like usual.  Strangely, the no napping only happened at home... the 4 days/week she was in daycare they didn't experience this.  Glad to hear your LO went to bed without becoming grumpy/having a meltdown in the evening (which was our experience)!!
  • DS1 dropped naps between 2 and 2.5.  :-(  He is on spectrum, though, and has sleep issues.  He was starting to fight naps before he left the crib at 2 years 4 months, but leaving the crib was certainly the kiss of death.  It's crazy, though, at the time he started getting flaky with it he would sometimes nap for 3 hours.  It's not like they got shorter and then went away.  

    I have higher hopes on naps for DS2.  He takes a shorter nap than DS1 at the same age (usually 2 hours, sometimes 1.5), but I hope it will last into an older age.  He is staying in the crib as long as possible; no one else needs to take it from him.  So far he has not tried to get out, either *knock wood*.  We had to turn the crib around by this age for DS1. 

    How do you make them have quiet time?  Put them in their crib with some toys? 

    I will be over the moon if DS2 is still napping at age 3!

  • My DD is almost 18 months old and stopped napping about 6 weeks ago. She sleeps 14 hours at night and does fine during the day without a nap. She does have some quiet cuddle time with DH in the afternoon. For awhile we tried to force naps, but she wouldn't be tired at bedtime and would wake up super early. I'm pretty sure DD is the exception to the rule. My mom did say my sister dropped naps at around 18 months and would be up half the night if she napped.
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  • jlpevjlpev member
    My son is 3.5 yo & just started skipping naps but if he does he usually goes to bed by 8-8:30.
    Dd is almost 14 mo & has to nap. Usually a 3 hour nap. I hope she keeps that up for a couple more yrs
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