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cute story re: DD and dolls

My DD, 2.5 and I were visiting some friends over the weekend who have older daughters (5 and 7).  They were playing with the older girls' doll house, and my DD was putting the babies to bed with mommy and daddy.  The older girls told her babies go in the crib, and she said, no baby sleep in mommy bed.  She laid the mommy and baby down together and covered them up with a blanket.  She was so adament that baby sleeps with mommy.  Even though she's now in her own bed at home!  It was a really cute moment and it made me smile.
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Re: cute story re: DD and dolls

  • That's super cute. DS has some stuffed animals on his bed, and he "nurses" them before they take naps and go to sleep. It's super cute to hear him speak so lovingly to them as he role-plays. Kids are the cutest!! :x
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