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What exciting, advanced or adorable things are your little ones up to?

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    Jack is a wild little chatterbox. He loves to roughhouse with his daddy, snuggle with his mama, play with the dog, and terrorize the cat. He can say short sentences (usually about 3-5 words). He loves to sing and dance. There are a few works he struggles with saying: he calls me Monny instead of Mommy and says milk or mulch instead of milk. But he sure can say Caillou plain as fucking day. LOL. He calls my mother Nanu. No idea where he got it. Just started calling her that one day. And he loves going to daycare to be with his friends and playing outside!
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  • I love that he terrorizes the cat. Henry does too and she takes it like a champ. She has her claws but has never swiped at him even when he carries her around or lays on her to "love" her.

    He had a language explosion too. I love hearing him speak. He calls Papa Scott Pop Cock which is hilarious to everyone. His main sentence though is "We go farm see dad."

    That's great that he loves daycare so much. I think the boys would either get along quite well.
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  • We're still waiting for Nolan's language explosion here, but that has not kept him from jabbering a mile a minute all day long. If only I knew what he was saying!

    He has become the star of our neighborhood. My dad takes him for a walk each morning and they're gone for a couple of hours (and probably walk a mile or so). The mailman and garbage truck drivers all stop to say hi to him and neighbors bring him cookies, cupcakes, pinwheels from their yard, or stop their car on the street to wave and say "Hi, Nolan!" He knows more of our neighbors than DH or I do!

    He loves books. I have had to limit nighttime stories to three books, and then he wants ALL of his books in the crib with him. The first thing he does when he wakes up is start "reading." It's even better when we catch him turning the pages, chattering away to himself, and pointing to the pictures.

    He loves dogs. My parents' springer spaniel is so much tolerant of him than our chihuahuas or pretty much every other dog out there. It's a constant challenge keeping him away from them!
  • My DS is talking away now too. He's also starting being a clown and trying to joke his way out of things when he's getting in trouble. It's amazing to see what little people they are becoming instead of just seeing them as babies.

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