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how do you find the energy?

I was doing a really good job of working out regularly, but all of a sudden both my 3 year old and my 11 mo old have started waking up multiple times every night. If it's not my 11 mo old wanting to nurse it's our 3 year old crawling in our bed or needing to go potty.  I get up at 5:45 just to have enough time to get everyone ready and head off to work by 7ish.  By the time I get home with the kids it's 6:00 and I have to cook supper and clean up and get the kiddos ready for bed by the time that's done it's 8:00 and I'm exhausted and have lost all motivation to do anything!  Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated.  I think I just need to get up early and exercise but I'm finding it difficult to get up at 5:00 am when I'm up 2-3 times in the night. TIA for any suggestions!

Re: how do you find the energy?

  • Do you have the option to workout on your lunch break? Even just a brisk 20-minute walk is better than nothing!
    Can you have your spouse watch the kids on the weekends so you can get an hour of time to workout at the gym?
    Good luck- it's definitely tough when you're short on sleep!

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  • Still have baby #1 marinating, but I do understand somewhat how you feel...I have trouble sleeping at night and when I do, I'm dead to the world. I second the lunch break workout idea, but another possibility is a workout DVD or a home workout plan. I can't link it right now but there is a blog called To the Sea with a good pregnancy workout plan that includes some home workout stuff.
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  •  I run in the mornings when I walk the dog.  Just 20 minutes, but it's something, or I work out at lunch.  Well, at work.  I don't actually go at lunch time, but some time in the afternoon I'll "take my lunch" and go for a run.

    I also do some pilates at night.  I'm tired, and I never want to do it.  Like you I don't get started till after the kid goes to sleep.  But do it in small increments.  Tell yourself you're just going to do 20 minutes.  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  Put on some tv and go for it.  After 20 minutes, if you want to be done, be done.  Yay!  You've done something!  If you have the energy or desire, do another 10 minutes, then re-evaulate.
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  • Slb22Slb22 member
    I just went back to work last week so I am trying to work this out also. I did invest in 25-30 minute workout DVDs. (T25 and a Jillian michaels one). I also decided to try to work out on the weekends so that I didn't get stressed so much during the week with fitting workouts in. If my LO gets up to feed shortly before my alarm then I will work out, if not I sleep. If she is napping when I get home I work out if not I don't. I understand this is much different for you though with 2 kiddos who are much more active than a 3 month old :) so I guess my only advice is the DVDs
  • This might not help since your big struggle is getting enough sleep and energy to work out.  I get mine done in the mornings before my son wakes up and if he does wake up then my husband is in charge of keeping him entertained until I get ready and showered.  I hate giving up any more time at night after I pick him up from daycare since he is usually ready for bed around 7:30pm.  Getting it done in the morning is sometimes hard to get out of bed but way easier to do it then then to make myself give up time with my son or find the motivation at 8pm when he is in bed. 
  • We are in the same situation, so I feel for you. It's sometimes close to 9 when I am done cleaning up after kids have gone to bed and if I exercise then, I cannot fall asleep at all! The only thing that's been working for me is lunch hour at work. I have a small portable DVD player, a yoga mat and light dumbbells at work. I also keep a couple workout outfits so there's no excuse. I do yoga type stretching DVDs if I am just too exhausted. It still feels so much better to have done something than not at all. It's been kind if tough lately to fit in even just two workouts per week, because of things coming up that cut into lunch hour. I used to work out almost everyday, even when I was prego with #2. Two kids are definitely a game changer as far as workout goes. Sounds like you're doing the nighttime routine alone too. It gets so tough sometimes. My husband helps out when he can but not reliably. I just stopped stressing out about it too much though. I try to focus on what I have time for, such as eating clean and portion control to at least make me feel less sluggish when I don't exercise. Hang in there!
  • Sounds like you definitely have your hands full and a lot of good advice with morning/lunch time workouts. One thing you can try too is maybe prepping a few extra meals on Sunday so that a few times a week, it's just reheating what's already done. Then you can use that extra time to workout. Our 2.5 y.o. like watching and sometimes joins in on the workouts I do at home. Also, don't discount running around chasing the 3 y.o. That's a great workout too! 

    Just keep your chin up though. Finding a new routine that works always takes time.  Don't beat yourself up for missing a workout. Just try again the next day. 
  • The only chance I have to work out us on my lunch break. Luckily, my office has a gym. Before we moved to this office, I did T25 videos at home after work. It was hard, but I just had to make myself do it!
  • I can't really answer this as I struggle too but I have found that the more I am active the more energy I actually have. I keep trying to remind myself of that.
  • You are doing great for your current situation! When I get down on myself, my best friend reminds me that something is better than nothing. I squeeze in 50-75 squats brushing my teeth in the morning and then again at night. Perhaps you could do a family workout of yoga or stretching? If nothing, your kids may get a kick out of it! It always fun to include the little ones when you can. 
  • I stop by the gym for a forty minute workout after work before heading to daycare to pick up the kids. Don't feel bad for not making it right now, you are rightfully exhausted and things will eventually get back to normal when it comes to sleeping. Something that keeps me motivated is watching tv shows on my iPod with my prime subscription while I treadmill. It's my "me" time after work :)
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  • try to just get in a couple mornings a week. We have a 25 month old and 8 month old triplets. The Triplets sleep through the night, but the two year old has a bout of separation anxiety. She normally comes into our room to get one of us and we go back with her twice a night. Usually, I'm able to get a couple things done at night and had to bed by 930 and get up at four to work out. Sometimes though, like 3 or 4 times a week, it's just too much. Start slowly.


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  • Like @HeavenBlessedMom‌ I have triples (28 months). For me, I can't do the early mornings and feel your pain about wanting to get up. Is it possibly for you to do even a 30 minute workout on your lunch break. Otherwise, you will just have to 'force' yourself to do it as soon as the kids go to sleep at night. At first it will feel hard but it does get easier. This is what I do and it's working well. Good luck
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