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lego games for kindergartner?

i am always looking for some new & interesting games and DS is lego obsessed...will be 5 in august, headed to K, is quite good w/ legos I think (?) (he does the 5-12 sets in minutes and also builds things on his own or by looking at photos in various lego books) so I thought a lego game might be good...a number of them say 7 and up so I am concerned about understanding the rules...some of the reviews say their 5 & 6 yr olds love them, some say their kid doesnt get the rules, etc...
Curious if anyone has found a lego game that is appropriate for a kindergarten aged child? Thanks!

Re: lego games for kindergartner?

  • We have a few of the lego games, and they're pretty cute, but less engaging and interesting than actual board games.  We have one where you build a tower and move your men up the tower to be the first to reach the dragon at the top.  We also have the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts board game.  It's cute, too.

    Both are definitely fine for a 5 year old who is an experienced Lego builder.  You don't have to read, and the rules are easy to understand, but the gameplay aspect of both games isn't super-compelling.
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