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This could be a silly question. I'm wondering how everyone counts their formula ounces ... if you make a 5oz bottle with 2.5 scoops of powder and 5oz of water you actually end up with 6oz in the bottle as the added powder creates volume I'm the bottle. So are you counting it as a 5oz bottle or 6oz?
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Re: measuring formula

  • Yep I know what you mean...I count this as 5 oz since it's still 5 oz of water.
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  • I know this is an old thread, but my husband and I debate this all the time. He would consider it a 6oz bottle since that's the final volume, and if we were mixing a days worth we would pour out 5oz instead of 6oz to make a 5oz bottle. I think it is considered 5oz because that's how you make a 5oz bottle on the container. Anyone else have an opinion?
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  • When i had to increase the calories in the bottle with each bottle for my DD we had to add less water to make it to the 5oz mark. example I would have about 4 1/2 oz of water  or  a little over 4 1/2 oz and then add the same amount of formula which was two and a half scoops to make 5 oz. this made my 20 calorie formula 22 calorie formula


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  • I too am wondering what the final determination is. I want to be accurately tracking what she is eating.

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