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Birth centers that accept AHCCCS?

I'd really love to have a water birth but I imagine paying out of pocket would be EXPENSIVE. Has anyone used Blossom Birth Center or anyone else and been covered with little to no out of pocket fees? If they don't accept AHCCCS what am I looking at payment wise?

Re: Birth centers that accept AHCCCS?

  • @SpaghettiSauce‌ , are you still looking into Blossom?
  • You can labor in a tub at mercy gilbert. May be an option??
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  • I am also looking into the birth centers. It may be a bit late, as I'm in my third trimester, but I just got upset about some information that my hospital I have been seen at, they decided to not tell me. So, as far as Blossom goes, they do not accept ACCCHS. However, they also did not tell me anything about billing, all they did was tell me they did not accept state programs. I have contacted Babymoon Inn and I am waiting on a response from them. However, I understand that they work out payment with you. So check them out, as they seem more friendly about it all.
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    I have elected to go with babymoon. They seem to have a great staff and are really straightforward about the financial costs...
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