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You have been warned!

Lexi has a mouth like a shark and has been teething since she was 3.5 months.  All things considered she has been a pretty easy teether, some nights with frequent wakes but other than that she has been awesome.  UNTIL NOW!!!! 

If you think molars are bad oh no... here is your warning!  The canine teeth are HELL!  Her gums have been pink and swollen for 8 weeks!  Each time I think that the took is going to cut it doesn't.  She goes through times she is cranky and holding her ears and crying, cranky, needy.  She is restless at night.  I keep taking her to the dr thinking its an ear infection.  NOPE those stupid canines!  The pediatrician stated the canines are the worst and are known for coming up then down a few times before cutting!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  I can see all 4 but I don't think any have cut.  Once, these cut I we will have all of our teeth until the "2 year molars."

Prepare yourself now because they suck! 

You have been warned.
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Re: You have been warned!

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    Logan's canines have looked sore, but haven't broken through yet. They are the last ones for us, also. :(
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    Are the canines the same as eye teeth? I have no idea when he got what, as he would never let me look, but at his one year appt he doc said he'd gotten his eye teeth before molars which is really uncommon... And at his 15 month last week she confirmed that he had a full set until he gets his two year molars. We didn't actually notice any of these teeth being any better or worse than other teeth -- just a little Advil before bed and a few nights of waking up.
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    Oh boy, something to look forward to.
    Thanks for the warning, though.
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    We have swelling in that area and he has been sleeping awful this past week. I wonder if that's why hmmmm


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