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Daycare Recommendations in Glastonbury, CT?

Hi!  Does anyone have recommendations for daycares in Glastonbury?  We are looking to move there in the summer and have a toddler and infant.  They are both currently in daycare in Fairfield County which we love.  The hours are from 7-6 so we are looking for a place with similar hours.  Any idea of the cost of daycare in Glastonbury?  Thanks!

Re: Daycare Recommendations in Glastonbury, CT?

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    we loved the Bright Horizons in Glastonbry - ended up being a little to out of the way with us and found another Bright Horizons location closer to work/home.  they have a great website to get you started before planning an actual visit.  don't remember the exact rates, but I bet Glastonbury is comparable to Fairfield County - good luck!
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    We use an at home day care in Glastonbury- close to exit 10 off Route 2.  I absolutely LOVE them!  They may have some openings this fall, hours are 7-5.  daycare costs around here are $250-350+ a week (for one child).  I think a center's hours are more flexible.   

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