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Starting solids - WWYD?

DS has a sesame allergy so I know that DD is more at risk of having food allergies. She's 6m today. New feeding guidelines here say to introduce allergenic foods right away instead of waiting in order to reduce the risk of a child developing allergies (unless of course there is a known allergy).

She's only ever gotten breastmilk. At around 3m of age, I cut out all dairy due to her reflux, fussiness, gassiness and very infrequent poops. Over time, her poops have gotten more frequent and her farts stopped smelling so bad (or maybe she stopped farting so much, I don't know). Over the past month or so, I've started being a bit more relaxed when it came to my diet and have been eating baked/processed foods containing milk. I haven't had milk and I have had a bit of cheese on occasion. I do notice that when my dairy intake is a little higher, her farts smell and she poops a little less. No change in behaviour or mood.

She's starting solids and I do a mix of BLW and spoon feeding. I do plan on giving her cereal. I have a box that requires BM and another box that requires water. The box that requires water contains skim milk powder. I bought it because I don't have a BM stash and I hate pumping. 

Would you go ahead and give her the cereal that requires water right away or try a few other things first and then try that one in a few weeks? I only see her dr on the 17th for her 6m well visit, so I can only ask then. 
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