Holy hernia

So after being home for a week, Z is back in hospital :( Not really a preemie issue but he had a very serious hernia which was discovered at a regular Peds visit last Thursday. He was rushed to a children's hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. Five attempts to push the hernia back up (which was agony for the poor little guy) all failed and he ended up having a three hour surgery on 4th July. Hernia fixed, a small piece of intestine was removed as it had died and appendix removed to avoid complications in the future. Very complex, intricate surgery in a little preemie not due for another two weeks. Then a blood transfusion as he swelled up like a little marshmallow man. Now we need to wait for him to poo, which is making me nervous as it has to travel past the intestine that was repaired after the bad piece was removed. So it's been a crappy holiday weekend!
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