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Fireworks and lo

Just curious as I sit here into pj's listening to our neighbors set off fireworks. How many of us took our lo's to fireworks (or set some off yourself)? How many are lame-o's like me and already have lo in bed? Is lo sleeping trough them or are they waking them up?

So far she's slept through them but they are getting pretty intense around here so I'm not sure how long it will last. Also we are home because we went to a family cook-out today and lo skipped her afternoon nap totally so she was SO exhausted WAYYYY before it got close enough to being dark enough for any fireworks.

Re: Fireworks and lo

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    We're in the same boat as you. We went to a BBQ this evening and I purposely brought her pj's to change her into before we left to come home. I knew she'd fall asleep on the way home, so we once we got home we carefully got her out of the car seat, I nursed her once more while she was still asleep and she was in her crib without a fuss! I'm a little bummed we're missing fireworks this year but we did go to the parade this morning which I've never done and LO is totally worth it.
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    My LO will be fast asleep as well. We live near the lakefront where they set off fireworks almost every weekend for the whole summer. The largest shows were on Tuesday night and last night - they each lasted about 45 minutes to an hour and were so loud they rattled our windows. Thankfully DS slept through them like nothing happened. I was so worried that he was going to wake up, but we got very lucky.
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    We went to a 4th of July festival for a little while this afternoon.  We decided not to  go to the fireworks this year with LO.  Some people are putting off fireworks around here but so they have not woken up LO.  It is surprising that he will sleep through fireworks but the sound of the doorknob turning in his room will wake him up!
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    We went to a BBQ at four and once nine came around it was dark enough for fireworks. LO is asleep while I wear her and didn't wake up during the fireworks. Happy birthday America !

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    We went to a friends house. They were shooting off some fireworks and DS freaked. He got so upset. It made me cry. We brought him home and he's asleep now but I worry he will have bad dreams tonight. Bad news we have tickets to a baseball game tomorrow night with a firework show. ^#(^
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    We woke LO up and took him to the fireworks, but only because we took our older DS who is 3. Last year was the first time we had ever taken DS1, every other year we put him to bed on time. That second child gets to have all the fun! ;)

    LO was mesmerized by the way. It was my oldest that wanted to go home for the first half of the show and then was sad when it was over!
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    Didn't take DD. I would have kept her up for it, but I took her to my youngest brother's graduation and every single time they audience applauded, she cried. Every. time. even from the hallway. So I didn't want to freak her out. The sound of the fireworks may not have bothered her, but the crowded clapping for them may have.
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    Everything around here has been delayed until tonight due to hurricane Arthur, so we'll be going to 2 cookouts today. We aren't going to bring LO to the fireworks though. She was startled by some of the loud thunder we've had the past couple days, so I don't think she'd like the fireworks this year anyway.

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