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So this is what we're doing now?

Biting?  I don't think so little girl!  I know DS went through this phase but not until he was a little older.  I am not ready to deal with this yet!  

Anyone else have a cannibal on their hands already?

Re: So this is what we're doing now?

  • Another one here with hickey covered shoulders! He doesn't bite the nips though, thank god. Not yet, anyways. 

    @bensmommy518 is your LO teething or something???
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  • He is constantly biting and gnawing on my hands, arms, and legs. The other day I was holding him and he bit me in the nose.
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  • No, thank God! DS started around 9.5 mo, so I stopped nursing at exactly 10 months. He thought it was funny. I didn't. I'm hoping to make it to 1 yr this time. Surprisingly, I think I'll miss it. Never thought those words would be written by me! I'm going to keep on keepin on....for now!

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  • H bites down HARD on my shoulder and i hate it!


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  • km_mdkm_md member
    DD just bit my nipple for the first time this morning. Good thing she doesn't have any teeth yet!

  • DS2 thinks my nipples are a teething ring. It's not cool at all.

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  • DS gnaws on everything! He'll act like he wants to play with my hand then he'll chomp on it.
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  • Yes the biting is on my nipples while nursing and it just started yesterday.  She already has two bottom teeth and there are two more spots that look like something is happening - one on top and another on the bottom.

  • She is gnawing my shoulder constantly!
  • rcultronarcultrona member
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    He treats my nips like an Abba-Zabba bar. He bites down and pulls. It's like curling ribbon with scissors, definitely NOT one of my favorite things.
  • itsmeally said:
    An abba-zabba bar? image
    C'mon...you don't remember these?

    Abba-Zaba bar

    Its taffy so you have to bite and yank with your teeth to eat it.

  • @itsmeally- I insist you go to 7-11 right now and get one, they are delicious! And after you eat it you will officially know how it feels to be my boobs. I know you're dying to know right? :)

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