Today was a good day

Just wanted to say that my lil boy n girl had a good day today. It's the first time I've been home and thought, "my babies are strong, their survivors, and together we're gonna be ok"; I want to celebrate the good days when they happen since this NICU stay will be long, very hard, and lots of up n downs.
Thank you to all who have sent positive T&P to me and my babies. Please continue ;-)

Re: Today was a good day

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    Grab hold of those days and don't let go.  I look back and have no idea how I made it through the first two months other than purely absolutely believing they were going to be okay.  Congratulations on an awesome day and coming away feeling strong <3  

    Edited to add that I pmed you. 

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  • Good for you for being so optimistic! You're doing great :)

    Sending positive thoughts your way!
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