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Anyone in Wilmington area due in December? I'm due with my first December 30th. I was going to an OB/GYN attached to Christiana up until this point for my prenatal care, then today I had my first prenatal appointment at The Birth Center in Wilmington. I love it there! I'm a little nervous about going all natural for my first, but I believe it's what God designed our bodies to do, so I'm going to trust my body and pray. Signed up for Bradley Method classes starting Aug 1st, so I'm hoping that will help with pain management techniques. After watching The Business of Being Born, I really can't picture myself giving birth at a hospital. Anyone have any tips for pain management? Have experience at The Birth Center?

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    I don't have any experience with the birth center, but I just wanted to say congrats!! :)
  • I am due in March, but plan to take some classes at TBC. Right now I am planning on giving birth in the hospital because of labor and delivery issues in my family but am excited to meet other moms at TBC and learn a lot! What classes are you planning to take?
  • I'm not sure about classes at TBC yet. I'm going to take Bradley Method classes up in PA from a private teacher. I'm due right in the middle of the holidays, so I'm finding it hard to find classes that i'll be able to attend without schedule conflicts.

    You should definitely go to the orientation at TBC (if you haven't already). My family scared the crap out of me with their "labor and delivery issues", but my mom and sister were given drugs (epidural, pitocin, etc...) during their labor which alters their outcome. No one from my family has tried a natural, drug free birth. After going to the orientation and having my first appointment with a midwife at TBC, I feel totally confident in my body's ability to deliver my baby. I would also recommend you watch "The Business of Being Born" if you have Netflix, it's free on there.
  • I gave birth to my daughter at the birth center and am now pregnant with my second (due in February) and am going back!  I love the care that you receive there.  The midwives are all awesome and you feel so hands-on with your treatment.  You can absolutely give birth without pain medication for your first, just like I did and millions of other women do all over the world!  It's painful and hard work but you will want to do it all over again because you will be amazed at what your body can do. 

    I took the hypnobirthing class there and I loved it (Peggy is great).  I also attended a few of the new moms and breastfeeding support groups.  Katie is great at helping with any breastfeeding problems.  Best of luck fellow TBC momma!
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