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I read your response in the colostomy bag post and have an odd question.  A friend of mine from another board has a friend whose son has the same diagnosis as your son.  He is about 2.5 months old and still in the NICU.  She has a blog (that I read) and she posts about her struggles with his diagnosis and NICU time.  Would you be willing to reach out to her by email to talk with her?  I'm not sure if it would help her, but since it sounds like a rare condition I assume she'd like to talk to someone who has been there.  If you would rather not, I totally understand.


ETA: I sent you a PM with my email address in the event you are interested.
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Re: ***mimi4347***

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    FKA mimi4347: diaper rash magician and unofficial expert on excrement
    photo fdcd1f14-730b-4ea3-9fd5-37c8a5575512_zps6b3ccb11.jpgphoto a71807cf-a0c7-4c71-807b-bc4577b61b83_zps4eece2a6.jpg
    This kid may not have a lot of bowel, but he has plenty of guts! 
    DS born at 34 weeks with (surprise!) gastroschisis turned short bowel syndrome.
    131 days in the NICU, 7 trips to the OR, G-button, daily TPN....
    We are impatiently awaiting the day we can say goodbye to his girlfriend Ivy for good.
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    I replied, thanks!
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