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17 month old sleep issues and expecting #2!

My 17 month old boy sleeps in a twin bed with a side rail. The issue is, he needs me to fall asleep whether he's laying in my lap in the living room or I'm laying next to him in bed. I never wanted to let him cry it out and he is no longer in a crib anyway. I'm expecting baby 2 and don't know how to make my boy independent of me at bedtime! Help!

Re: 17 month old sleep issues and expecting #2!

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    We just went through something similar...Slowly get out of this habit.  Each time just before he falls asleep leave.  He will get upset, so go back rub his back until he is calm and leave.  This may take weeks (it did for us anyway). Now we can lay him down awake and he can put himself to sleep without us being there.   


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  • I can't remember where I got this advise ( I want to say it was in a sleep training book) but one suggestion is to slowly move yourself out of his room.  For a few nights, lay next to him, then for a few nights, lay further away so you aren't touching him, then sit next to the bed, then further away...keep increasing the distance until you are at the doorway.  Then sit outside of the door with the door cracked for a few nights and then you should be home free.  It takes a while, but it is supposed to work.  I wish I had some 1st hand experience for you.  We used the modified CIO method for our son.
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  • I'm very confused by your comment that he is out of a crib anyway like that prevents you from doing CIO.  There is no connection between those 2 things.  

    CIO doesn't mean you shut your kid in his room and see him in the morning no matter how much eh cries.  There are quite a few sleep training books with different methods that you can look into.  We used Ferber with both kids which is based on giving them time to settle themselves and then going in and comforting them after a certain amount of time.  There is a good chance that your LO will cry no matter the method if he is no longer getting what he wants.  But if you falling asleep independently is what you want you need to find a method and stick with it.  Be consistent and he will get it.  
  • Thank you everyone!! I'll give it a try
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