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Babysitting Bloopers

A post on working moms made me think of some babysitting "oops" that I made from years ago.
One time, I brought the 2yr old I nannied for to the beach. When leaving, I turned on the car to get the AC cold, then put her in her seat. I then went to put the rest of our stuff in the trunk, and closed the door forgetting that they lock when the car starts. I had locked the baby, and my phone, in the car. Luckily, she had a juice box and the AC was running, so she was happy as could be. I flagged someone down and called campus security (we were at a beach on my college campus) and they opened the door. I never told the family!

Another time I tried on the mom's engagement ring (she had left it in the bathroom), and got distracted by the baby, forgot to take it off and wore it home. I was mortified when I had to call to let them know I had it.

I swear I'm generally a responsible person

Anyone do anything you aren't proud of while babysitting in your younger years? ;)

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Re: Babysitting Bloopers

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    I used to babysit when I was l11 years old, one time I had 3 boys, ages 8, 4 and 7 months and the 7 month old fell off a chair. Lucky it was carpeted floor but the other 2 kids were yelling at me saying I can't hold their baby brother anymore.

    Another time I was 12 and used to babysit 3 kids, ages 8, 6 and 3. Myself being that young, I felt the 3 year old was a lot smarter than I would think of any 3 year old now. I ended up letting her walk to the park by herself (it was 2 minutes away, just had to walk across grass from the subdivision) thinking she knew what she was doing, and I let the 2 other kids go and play outside while I stayed inside thinking that's what kids normally do? I went and found her at the park Needless to say the neighbour told the mom and she never called me back to babysit. I used to babysit them every week and was generally pretty responsible as well, just a bad judgement call.

    This is the reason I will NEVER hire anyone under 17 to babysit. I likely won't ever have anyone I don't know babysit at all.
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    After the little ones were in bed I put on the dad's awesome headphones and rocked out in the living room to some of their amazing music collection. They came home early and caught me jumping up and down and mouthing the lyrics.

    Another time I fell asleep lying on the family dog on the floor and the parents walked in on me.

    Both sets of parents thought I was hilarious.
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