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STM+s Potty Training Question

We've been trying to potty train DD for awhile now. She will go to the bathroom on her potty chair and will tell us when she has to go. Today I took away her pull ups and put training undies on her. She won't wear them. She just wants to go commando in shorts. She went potty on her chair like 3 to 4 hours ago and I keep asking if she needs to go. She says no and won't try. She throws a tantrum. She hasn't had an accident either. Is it normal for her to hold it for this long? She's napping now and I checked her and she's still dry.

Re: STM+s Potty Training Question

  • 21 months.

    If I put her in a pull up she takes it off to go to the bathroom and won't leave them on either. Did you do the cloth training underwear or just normal underwear?
  • 21 months?  Yikes.  My older 2 weren't potty trained completely until the were 2.5-3.  But good for her if she's doing it now!  I just wouldn't push it... it may backfire on you.

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  • I agree with not pushing it, but you also don't want to miss the window. So just suggest it a few times a day. DD had a nasty diaper rash the summer she turned 2 so we did a lot of naked time simply to dry her out. That sped up the PTing timeline, but she still wasn't fully daytime trained until closer to 2.5. We skipped pull ups entirely for the day time and just did underwear. We did do pull ups for sleep times for awhile though.

    Also, just something to consider, she may have an awesome bladder. Even at 9 months pregnant, I didn't get up overnight to pee. I have a bladder of steel. It appears that DD has inherited that from me as she pees at bedtime at 7 pm and then doesn't go until she gets to daycare past 8 am the next morning. So she legitimately may not have to go again by the next time you ask her.

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    I just stopped using diapers... Never used pull ups. I only use diapers at nap/bed time.

    My son was a SS and got it super fast. 1 weekend he was having accidents literally the next he was trained. At21 months he was both day and night time potty trained.

    My dd just turned 2 in May and the day school was out (I'm a teacher) I I took away diapers when she was awake. Sometimes she runs around without bottoms on other times she'll have her clothes on without underwear...I really don't care. Most times she has underwear on but I don't really care if she doesn't.

    I usually ask her 1x an hour if she has to go potty if she says no I just tell her to come tell me if she has to go.

    My kids have pretty good bladder control, ds 1 especially.

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  • She went as soon as she woke up from nap. No accidents yet today and she hasn't had a pull up on at all. Thanks ladies.

    I haven't asked her in awhile and she walked over took her underwear off and went by herself.
  • We potty trained early too (with her lead). We wouldn't 'ask' her if she needed to go but rather said it's time after a few hours. If she didn't need to go when there, that was fine. Even now at 3yo, she says no a lot but it's because she doesn't want to stop playing. She holds it till the very last minute so we gently nudge her to go more often although she's been completely potty trained for quite some time.

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  • Two year olds love control so let her tell you when she needs to go. Accidents are a good way for them to learn the sensation of having to go.
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