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threwing up on grandparents

My son is almost 9 1/2 month old and overall a very happy little boy. I am currently finishing cosmetology school so my self, husband and son are staying with my mom and family. On weekends me and my husband try to visit either my dad and step mom who live 45 minutes away or my in-laws who live also 45 minutes away. When we visit my son will cry everytime any of them hold him some times leading to him spitting up. This spitting up after crying is now transferring into our day to day life including bed time. I am at my wits ends I want him to not cry everytime our family holds him, or when I try lying him down on his own, but I don't want to keep cleaning up throw up. Any suggestions would love the help!

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    Is it possible to avoid the actions that upset him to the point of throwing up?

    I know with my 9m old after a long car ride she isn't really up for being passed around from family member to family member. I've noticed she is clingy to me when we first arrive as the numerous not so familiar faces can be overwhelming. Once we have been there for awhile, I will sit on the floor with her and others will start to play with her. After she is comfortable I can get up and mingle without holding her.

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