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Toy tossing

My LO has begun the undesired trend of throwing his toys. He just threw an old iphone at me (that's gone!) and then threw a toy at our dog. How do I WITHOUT violence teach him that it's not ok to throw toys?

DS is 13mos old so he doesn't quite grasp the concept of time out.


Re: Toy tossing

  • We went through this when DS was around that age.  Do you know why your DS is throwing?  My son threw toys when he gets mad (mad at the toy; mad at me etc).  I usually say, "I can see you are mad, but we don't throw toys."  He ignores me anyway and continues to throw, so then I'll step in and take the toy away from him.  Then he usually will throw a tantrum and I'll just let him be until he calms down.
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  • No it wasn't out of anger that he would throw the toys. It was just in general. Thanks all, for the advice! I've started and will continue to correct him when necessary. :)
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