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Bath time?

Since day one DS (almost 6 months) has LOVED bath time. He kicks and laughs etc...Anytime he is having a bad day I know a bath will instantly calm him. I love water so I am hoping this means he will too but I also know that water can be very soothing to babies because it is kind of womb-y. Does everyone's babies love the bath am I raising a water baby?

Re: Bath time?

  • DD currently loves the bath, but she hated it until about 6 weeks ago. DS loved, then hated, loved than hated, currently loves the bath and pool but hates to get his face wet.Which is real fun when I'm trying to wash him. I think they go through phases and at some point they will most likely all hate bath time. I know my 10 & 11 yr old nephews like to fight my sister on shower time. Well that and wearing underwear, got to LOVE kids:)
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    We've got a bath hater here. My husband has to hold Patrick's hands and the whole time, he has a scared/confused look on his face.
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  • He likes baths, but loves the pool.
  • DD starts laughing and kicking her legs the moment I start undressing her on the towel. I think she knows towel = bath.
  • DS loves bath time. Even when he's cranky a bath puts him in a better mood. He's loves kicking and splashing. :)
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    DD has always enjoyed her baths. I just bought her some bath toys a few weeks ago so we stay in longer and play. I dipped her feet in my moms pool today for the first time and she loved it. So when we get a nicer day soon I will be taking her swimming and see how she does.

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    He loves the tub when it's exactly to his specifications. If it's too cold or not filled deep enough, he throws a fit.



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  • DD2 absolutely LOVES bath time. It can fix anything.

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  • DD loves baths. I run them pretty warm though. She likes the pool ok but it's much colder and she gets sick of it pretty fast.
  • Hadley loved baths since day one. When she was a newborn she would get all relaxed and close her eyes and now she gets excited and splashes around. Jameson hated anytime he was naked as a newborn and cried the whole time but he likes baths new except for when he accidentally splashes himself in the face.


  • Bath lover over here too.
  • DD loves bath time too!


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  • Dd loves baths and pools she kicks her feet and splashes. It's so adorable
  • S loves baths and the pool (found that out today during our first Infant Swim lesson).
  • Loves baths, loves the pool.

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  • DS LOVES baths and pool. When I pick him up from DC our routine is to change his diaper and wash his hands, feet and face (it's hella hot here and he smells sweaty).  So I'll fill up our bathroom vanity sink enough so he can sit on the edge and kick the water while I wash him down. Its so adorbs!
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  • So STM's, did you have babies that loved the bath when they were little and grew up to hate it? I'm just wondering if I should anticipate a possible change. 
  • DS likes bath time but doesn't love it. Whenever I take him out of the bath though he screams like someones killing him.
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  • DS likes being IN the water, but screams bloody murder the second I take him out. I think its just really uncomfortable for him to be wet and naked because he immediately calms down once he's dry. Or maybe he just really doesn't want to leave the bathtub.  
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  • loves her bath since day 1. haven't gone swimming yet.

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  • Loves the bath! HATES getting out of the bath & getting dressed. Ha!
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