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My DD is 5 weeks old and for the second day straight she's gotten into a strange cycle. I need help figuring out how to get her out of it - that's where this board comes in :)

She falls asleep while nursing not having eaten enough and all attempts at waking her up fail (she wakes up, I put her back on the breast and then she's a sleep 3 sucks later). She sleeps for 15-20 minutes and wakes up (presumably because she's hungry), then again doesn't eat enough and falls asleep again. REPEAT on what seems to be an infinite loop. 

I tried different wake-up techniques, tried nursing her in a different room, tried getting her undressed, tried not letting her sleep, tried feeding her milk from a bottle, etc. nothing seems to have worked so far. 

What do I do? (other than stay on the couch all day and watch her sleep, which is pretty satisfying for the first 4 hours, but I have a second kid :)

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  • i was waking LO every 3 hours if she hadn't woken up on her own during the day time to nurse her. i ended up with similar problem.  she was falling asleep during nursing after only 5 minutes or so (sometimes we would hit 10 min). since she was gaining weight and otherwise doing well, at about 5 weeks and after seeing the pediatrician for her 1 month appointment i switched to feeding her on demand only.  she now averages about 5-7 feeding sessions in a 24 hour period, will sometimes even go 5 hours without feeding during the day time.  i was nervous to do so but noticed the duration of her feeding sessions drastically lengthened- she now nurses from between 20 min to an hour now.  maybe you could consider switching to feeding on demand if all else is going well? 

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  • hordolhordol
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    It's probably a phase. Just keep doing what youre doing. Take advantage of any awake time to nurse as much as possible.
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  • Could just be a growth spurt - many babies tend to sleep more during them.  Honestly, feeding on demand is the best thing you can do even if that means lots of short sessions.  Chances are, things will change again in a day or two.
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    As PPs mentioned, continue what you're doing by addressing her needs and feed on demand...it'll hopefully pass in a day or so.  Can you wear LO during this time?  If you have a carrier that you can nurse her in, you won't be "stuck" in one place nursing her on and off all day.  GL!
  • Sounds like the growth spurts LO would go through. Drove me INSANE.  Good luck and stay sane!
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