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Any crossfitters out there?

I am continuing crossfit workouts throughout my pregnancy 3/week average. I am almost in my third tri. My trainer has known for a few weeks now. Jut wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. Any tips with modifying workouts? I have stopped doing sit-ups. I am still unsure if it is okay to do thinks like plank holds/toes to bar etc. I am being careful with how heavy I lift and not pushing myself too hard. I suppose when running gets to hard I will stick with rowing. I am not sure if burpies are safe?

Anyone else in the same boat? How are you modifying your workouts?

Re: Any crossfitters out there?

  • I CrossFit and continued my whole pregnancy. I for sure did burpees te whole time too. You just can't flip on the ground anymore. You could also use parralettes for burpees and push ups. I remember doing a lot of knees to chest/waist. Te only things I couldn't really do towards the end were running, sit ups, double unders, rope climbs. Getting injured was my biggest fear so I was careful about lifting too heavy. Keep it up! It helped me stay/get back in shape so much afterward!!
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    Thanks for the new posts. Glad to hear that there re some other crossfiters out there doing it too! I just reached my axon trimester. I have stopped doing most an work except planks (which I think is okay). I am doing burpees. Just not going right to the ground. I am still running for now. But I think I am going to have to switch to rowing at some point. Agreed, I do not want to injure myself so I am going easy on the weights. Hopefully I can keep this up through most of my pregnant and get back into it after the baby. I am glad to hear that it has helped some people to stay in shape and get back to their regular body after. I think it is a good thing to do while pregnant. I do also notice that I am getting more easily winded. Just take it easy an go at your own pace. You are still working out and staying in shape, even if you are a little slower at the workout
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  • I do crossfit and coach.  I plan to continue the entire time and modify as I get bigger and is needed.  I am newly pregnant so nobody at the gym knows yet and wont for a bit but its all good!  I am excited to continue to crossfit.  
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  • I did crossfit 3months PP from the first baby until 5 weeks pregnant with this one. Then I got HG and was told not to exercise until I could keep down enough food/fluids to stop losing weight. I hope to pick it up again when the symptoms get better. Last time that wasn't until 18 weeks. Ugh.

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  • Baby's first Grace (25kg) this past Friday. :) I'm also nursing a recently broken arm so all weighs are modified from that moreso than baby.

    Otherwise the advice I heard was as long as you can carry on a conversation, you're not overdo-ing it. Listen to your body. Baby already told me (s)he doesn't like reverse incline anything like hip raises via the immediate heartburn that showed up. Got it! Those are out!

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  • I'm a coach, too. Been CrossFitting about 2.5 years, and I am currently 11 weeks pregnant. The only thing I am skipping right now is rope climbing just to prevent the risk of falling. Do what feels good and let your coaches know! I got a dead lift PR last week, and my dr. has cleared me for 1RM lifts as long as I feel good and don't get dizzy. Cardio leaves me winded right now, but strength feels good.
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  • I have been crossfitting for almost 2 years and I'm 15.5 weeks right now. I used to do 5 days a week and I've slowed to 3 days per week mostly due to increased exhaustion. The only things I modify are any exercises that work your ab muscles. As mentioned in a previous post, it's not recommended that you continue to do anymore ab- isolating workouts as this will lead to the ab muscles separating more than they need to which if they rupture, the surgery is incredibly painful. One of the girls I crossfit with is a nurse so that certainly helps when deciding how to keep my heart rate in a healthy rage while still continuing the WODs with everyone else. I plan to keep my 3 day a week routine as long as I can throughout my pregnancy. The summer months I'm sure are gonna be rough since we all know boxes don't usually have A/C but I'll listen to my body. Good luck everyone! :)
  • I'm a crossfit newb, only been doing it a little over a month and am newly pregnant. im hoping to keep up at least 3 times a week. I love to hear about you ladies keeping up with it far into your pregnancies!
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  • Been crossfitting 3 years and coaching CFK and adults for over a year. 

    We have had many pregnant ladies at our box, who worked out during their entire pregnancy. They modified very little - mostly toward the end, such as step ups instead of box jumps, and knees to elbows instead of TTB. They all delivered very healthy babies. 

    That said, I was TERRIFIED doing crossfit when I found out I was pregnant. I do (did) competitions (was preparing for a competition when I learned that I was pregnant), and was used to going "balls to the wall" every WOD and RX+ all the weights. When I found out I was pregnant I tried to take it a little easier, and modify weights. But once I heard the 3-2-1, my competitive instinct roared. I decided I needed to take a hiatus from CF for a while, but did continue to exercise. After a couple months I went back, and have no desire to be super competitive (it just isn't even possible at this point, haha). I modify weights and do very little jumping - it just doesn't "feel right". I do get a good workout and good camaraderie while I'm there :) I'm almost 7 months.
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  • I feel so encouraged after reading this thread. I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and completely stopped my gym jones (crossfit style) workouts. Prior to pregnancy, I've been training for over three years and my body misses it. I can't wait to go back!!!
  • Hey other CrossFit mommas! I just hit my third trimester and have felt an immediate onset of fatigue on my body. I've been crossfitting on average 3 days a week throughout my pregnancy, but in the last couple of weeks have had a hard time working through my exhaustion and getting into the gym. Last week I dropped out of my first workout since being pregnant (only made it through the first round of Kelly, as baby doesn't seem to like the combination of running, step ups, and wall balls). Each day I scale back the WOD to comfort, and make sure to pay close attention to my body as I complete them, taking breaks as needed. I'm now 28 weeks and REALLY want to continue to do Crossfit through the entire pregnancy, as I believe it will help tremendously with delivery and getting back into shape quickly afterwards. Unfortunately my husbands brought up canceling my membership now that workouts are getting harder to complete and I'm not going as often as I used to (only 1-2 times per week). Any suggestions on how to fight through 3rd trimester fatigue? How important/realistic do you all feel it is to continue working out through the end of pregnancy? And what movements have you found disagree with your body the most? For me it's been overhead squats (which I've stopped doing), running, and step ups/box jumps. I've been working on figuring out ways to get through these movements safely when they come up in a workout. I really want to get to a point where I can get myself in to the gym 3-4 times a week for a good workout again and continue until our little mans ready to come out! Would love to hear y'all's recommendations and testimonies! Thanks!!
  • Wish I could help, I don't have any great advice. I've been doing crossfit for 3 years now but in no way am the strongest or the best. I am 15 weeks along now and still going 3 days a week and going to an open gym 2 other days a week. I have scaled back from anything dangerous, box jumps, rope climbs, sit-ups, GHDs and I watch my weights, no PRs even if I badly want to try. I want to stay as healthy and I can and as fit as possible but I worry because I feel like I am losing my strength, oh well. I have more important things going on right now. Stay active ladies! We are on the right track.
  • I am so glad I found this post! I'm only in the TTC stage, but my H has expressed concern about me keeping up with my workouts. I CrossFit three times a week and I'm currently training for a marathon (will drop to the half marathon if I get KU before October). My coach's wife actually just had a baby a few weeks ago and she crossfitted up until maybe a week or two before she gave birth. So my coach has experience modifying workouts, which makes me feel better!
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  • I'm 5 weeks pregnant now, so still really early, but I continue to crossfit at least 3 times a week. I just feel way more tired than usual, but I guess it's normal in the first trimester. Hopefully, it will get better in the second. I told my coach, so we can adjust the WOD all along my pregnancy. I had a MC in March and even if I know it won't affect the baby, I was scared to do burpees. I make sure I'm drinking a lot of water and I do the WOD in front of the fan :).
    We had a birth seminar at the gym last fall, so I have a list of all the things I can or can't do for each trimester.
    I think the important thing is to feel comfortable doing all the exercises and if not, just scale down.
  • My gym has a "functional fitness" program which includes a lot of crossfit exercises and WOD. My trainer was among the first people that I told. Eventhough I had already researched whether it was "ok" to CF during pregnancy, I wanted to make sure that he was aware of what was going on with me/my body and that I would need to be scaling back on some things. I'm 7w4d and so far the only change has been my speed and stamina. Whereas before I would just continue to push through being hot and out of breath, now I know that it's not good for my Little Fish and I take more breaks/slow down.

    At what point should I stop the ab isolating exercises? .... And what is a good thing to put in their place?
  • Hey everyone!! Just wanted to get thoughts on when I should share with my crossfit coaches about my pregnancy. I have been doing crossfit for 18 months or so, nothing serious or competitive, just going at my own slow pace. How far along do you guys think you should wait before breaking the news while still being safe for baby?

  • I've been CrossFitting for 2.5 years, and though we're still TTC, I'd like to be able to keep going throughout my (eventual) pregnancy. I've got an awesomely supportive gym with top level coaches. We haven't had too many pregnant ladies in our box, but I know the support is there for when my day comes.
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  • @SquirrelGiggles83 I was told to stop do ab exercises almost immediately as it can cause problems later on. By that I mean I stopped doing GHDs immediately and if I do any sit ups they are slow and steady.
    @JDK625 it's up to you when you feel comfortable telling your coaches. I told mine when I reached 12 weeks. But I had done research on what specific crossfit exercises I should avoid during my first trimester.

  • At what point should I stop the ab isolating exercises? .... And what is a good thing to put in their place?

    My first pregnancy I had heard to stop abwork after first trimester. This pregnancy through, my abs we're uncomfortably sore after doing sit-ups at like 10 weeks. Instead of sit-ups I do knees to chest on the bar. No GHD at all. That's about it though.
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