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World Cup

Several of you have been mentioning the World Cup. Obviously we're watching over here (because, um, Germany...), but I've been asked several times in the last couple of weeks whether the reports they're showing here about the WC being suddenly very popular in the US is true. All of you who are watching- did you watch in the past? Or is this the first WC you're watching? If so, why are you watching this time around?

The Germans are all attributing it to the new (German) coach the USMNT has ;) I do like him a lot, he and Germany's current national coached actually coached the German national team together at the WC in 2006. I just somehow can't imagine that Jürgen Klinsman is the only reason for the sudden spike in popularity in the World Cup...

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Re: World Cup

  • I think the World Cup is always popular. I feel like no one in America watches soccer but everyone watches the World Cup.
    I am watching this year but I played soccer in college and have always watched.
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    DH's family is really into soccer, so they are super into the WC as well. FIL coached youth soccer for many years and all the kids played from the time they were about 4 years old. I don't feel that they're just watching it because it's the cool thing to do- they'd be watching it all the time regardless because they love soccer :)

    ETA: I'm not nearly as interested in it as they are, but I do think it's fun to watch. I'll watch a game occasionally if we are over there and it's on. If they weren't so involved with it I doubt I would care.
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    My dads from South America so I grew up watching it. He also just got back from the World Cup so LO has a Brazil jersey to watch in. I feel like its always popular. I think the spike in attendance is bc it is in South America. I wanted to take our son to the next one- he has soccer balls, a goal etc so I think he will like soccer- but am not taking him to Russia!
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  • We are big soccer fans, not just WC fans.  We watch a TON of premier league.  DH and now DS1 are huge Arsenal fans.  I often think my son is the only 3.5 yr old in the US who would know Mesut Ozil and Per Metersacker on sight.  We obviously had torn feelings during that US v Germany game!!

    Even though we are in a smaller market (Raleigh/Durham), my husband has found local clubs for Arsenal.  There are more fans out there than you would think, you just have to look for them.

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  • i do not actually care much about Team USA (shame!), i'm more interested in the Central and South American teams. i probably still wouldn't watch it if it weren't for DH, i'd just check the scores, but we've been watching the games he's interested in when he's home.
    he's actually not a super futbol fan at any other time; just like i don't really care about American football, but always watch the Super Bowl. ;)


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