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Send good thoughts our way please!

We have a big week coming up. We have a fetal echo for baby this week thanks to a heart condition I have, we have to check baby's heart at the high risk doctor. I'm sure it is fine, but good thoughts don't hurt! We start L's EI planning and services this week as well along with going to have her ears checked again so I really want all of that to go smoothly. And to top it off DH has two interviews. We moved here because of the job he has now but his boss is a total dink head and she treats him like dirt, I would love to see the look on their face if he got the chance to say "see ya!" I don't want to move again, I like our house and our life, and one of the two jobs would let us stay so I am just hoping that whatever the right thing is, it will happen for us.
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