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Intro - hashimotos

Hello all! I just found out yesterday that we are expecting baby number 3 on February. This is a very unexpected, but welcome pregnancy.

I was HR for DS2 due to pPREM with DS1(I forget all the acronyms!) With the help of modified bed rest and progesterone shots, I was able to carry DS2 to 39 weeks.

Not long after DS2 was born, I was dxed with hashimotos thyroid. I've yet to get my levels at a therapeutic level. I also have a pituitary growth. I will be in close contact with my ob, mfm, and endo in the coming months!
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Re: Intro - hashimotos

  • Best of luck, my hashimotos seems to be controlled (was a wreck on fertility drugs but evened out) and has been a non issue.
  • I have hashi's and it took until 13/14w til mine evened out. All is well so far besides some PTL issues that have just presented.
  • I've had hashi's for close to 14 years (well they tested me for the antibodies when I was diganosed with diabetes seeing as my mom has hashimotos as well, but I've been on meds for 14 years). 

    Leading up to pregnancy mine was in pretty good controll though it did go a bit wonky at first.  I'm at 12w now and my levels have just started to really even out.  It took basically doubling my synthroid to get everything in check but that seems to be pretty par for the course with pregnancy.  My biggest issue was the exhaustion from early pregnancy kept freaking me out because I associate the sympton with low thyroid levels.  Learning to let go of what has always been my biggest sympton took some getting used to.  Talking to my endo helped ease a lot of my stress too.

    Keep in touch and let us know how you are feeling.


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