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Newb here!

Hello! This is my second discussion posted on here, but to be fair my first one was on the new to tb forum.
I'm 31 years old and just starting TTC. This would be our first baby, eventually!

I'm just wondering if anyone else had a Mirena IUD in, and had issues with bleeding for a long time after it was taken out. This is really affecting TTC as I can't chart anything or use ovulation tests. Anyone have any experiences?
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Re: Newb here!

  • I had the Mirenua, but I only had it in for a year. I bled quite heavily for about a week when I had it taken out, but nothing exceptionally long. How long is long?
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  • I had it for 4.5 years.
    Right now were closing in on 3 months. It's not like it's heavy all the time, but it's always there.
    I talked to my doctor about it, and she basically said my two options to get it to stop were to get pg or go on the pill. Helpful, no?
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  • Welcome! 
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  • I also had Mirena for 4 years, once I had it removed I bled for a week or so, then had a typical cycle for me.  I would definitely seek more answers continuing to bleed for 3 months sounds atypical to me. Best wishes

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  • No experience but wanted to say hi and good luck!

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  • Welcome & good luck!

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  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome and good luck.
    I had the Mirena for 4 years and only bled for a few days after the removal. It took about two cycles for things to start working again.
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    Welcome and good luck!

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  • Thanks for all the great advice everyone!
    I think a 2nd opinion is the way to go for me. Currently i don't really have an obgyn, and because i'm in Canada it's going to take about 3 months to be able to see one. I know this can't be normal. The only thing i can really think of that would be causing this is that my hormones are WAY outta wack. I asked my doctor if doing a blood test with hormone levels would help and she said no. I think i'm going to find a new GP. 
    I just want to be able to start charting so I can, you know, actually get pregnant.
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