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Post D&C questions

Hello everyone. I already tried to post a discussion but my phone are it. Anyway, I went in for my 9 week apt and found out we had lost out baby. From what the measurement showed the baby stopped growing a week before and guessing by that too is when it's heart stopped beating. So we decided that a D&C was the beat route to take as my Hubs is leaving for a week and I didn't want to have to have the miscarriage happen while he was gone. So I had the surgery yesterday. All seems to be going too besides the fact that my vagina was violated. But I feel empty inside and smile and laugh to keep everyone from asking how I am. Is this a feeling anyone else has experienced? Also is it weird that I
am already counting the days thill AF comes back so we can try again? Please don't get me wrong I will always think about my angel and love the bean but I just want to forget for the moment. Are these feelings normal or by me trying to move on and avoid questions only going to make this worse for me I'm the long run?
Btw I read through some other discussions and I think I am going to like this group.

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  • Your earlier question went through and you have a lot of responses. See if you can find it. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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