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Trying to Get Pregnant

Returning TFAS story & please check sig (enter at own risk)

Hey! It's been almost 5 years since I was on here first starting to TFAS. I think I cleared my sig can someone let me know for sure? I don't want to upset anyone with DD baby pics still on here.

My story is complicated. I was married, decided to try for a baby, first month off BCP pregnant and have a beautiful little girl. Then I didn't have a period for almost a year. We tried for another little one for 19 months. Lots of hard times, ended up actually separating for a year and then divorcing. Me and DD were okay on our own, had lots of fun times. Met a man, fell in love, he fell in love with BOTH of us. We got married in April and have been trying for a baby since. I'm nervous bc of my issues years ago when I tried for #2, but I'm hopeful and ready to keep trying!! Since it's month 3 I went ahead and bought OPKs this time around. I need to refresh myself on timing of BD with OPKs. I did temp for a while years ago and know it's the only way to KNOW but I don't sleep regularly and it was a mess back then.

Anyways, hello girls! Hoping to get to know y'all better. I'm sure all my friends are long gone. I was on the TTTC page mostly towards the end of my last stay but I haven't went back to see if I still knew anyone there, it might make me cry.
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Re: Returning TFAS story & please check sig (enter at own risk)

  • Welcome! Good luck TFAS!

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    DS 8/29/12 via C-section
    TFAS 3/2014
    BFP #2 5/25/15 EDD 2/4/2016
    It's a BOY!
  • Welcome!  Good luck TFAS - there are a bunch of us.  IIRC there's a TFAS check in on Tuesdays...some time during the week.  You'll see it.

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  • Welcome!
    TTC#1 January 2013, BFP 7/4/13 MC 8/7/13 D&C 8/22/13
    BFP 5/20/14 CP 5/26/14

  • Hi and welcome!

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  • Welcome and good luck!

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  • Wow. Blast from the past. I just graduated from TFAS recently and am due in January, but I had to rub my eyes to see if it was you. Congrats on your new marriage and good luck.

    (My previous Sn was SarahL77)
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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    Welcome and good luck!

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  • Welcome! As pp said, your DD picture should be fine. Lots of others have them. She's a cutie, by the way! Good luck to you!


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  • Welcome back and good luck!

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  • Thank you everyone! And wow Sarah that's crazy! I'm happy to hear you graduated!!!! Hoping my stay is short but we all know that you never know! I'm excited!
    Month 19 TFAS
  • Welcome! I think you'll find a fair amount of us here are tfas. Good luck!

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     MC 3.20.14 -- 8w3d
    MC 7.11.14-- 5w4d
    Monsterette #2- EDD  5.9.15


  • Welcome back! I hope things go smoothly for you this time! and, @nettje, I like to say "do it" and then snicker afterwards ;) 'cause I'm immature like that sometimes


    Me: 26 | Him: 31

    BFP #1 | EDD March 2015

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  • Welcome and good luck!!
    Married 3/5/10
    Started TTC Baby #1 6/2014
    BFP #1 7/27/2014 
    EDD 4/3/2014
    IT'S A GIRL! 10/16/14
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  • Welcome!

    BFP #1 3/22/11- DD Born 11/22/11
    TTC #2 since 11/2013

  • Welcome back and good luck TFAS!


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  • Welcome! I am TFAS too, good luck!
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  • Welcome! Wishing you well as you TFAS!
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    TTC #1: July 2014
    Me: 31  DH: 29
    DX (me): Inborn error of metabolism - protein restriction, metabolic formula & weekly blood tests
    DNA Results (7/1): DH is NOT a carrier for my genetic disorder! 
    7/3: Metabolic clinic gave the green light to TTC - holy crap!
  • Good luck!!
       M/C April 2008 @ 14 wks
       BFP June 2008
       DD born February 2009
       Pcos (non insulin resistant)
       Started TFAS February 2014

  • Hello and good luck (:


  • Welcome and good luck!
    Married 07/15/2006 DS # 1&2 born 07/06/2007 TTC# 3 since 10/2013
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