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Blurry vision?

Has anyone experienced blurry vision with pregnancy? The last 2 or 3 days my eye sight has gotten worse (I have kind of blurry vision anyway). I've even been wearing my glasses and still have trouble reading the computer screen.?

I have PIH and know that they tell you to watch for blurry vision, spots, etc. I've seen spots quite a bit (the Dr. knows this) but I'm not sure this is worth calling about. I have an appointment on Thursday. I was totally going to wait and then someone else posted about it on 3rd tri. Everyone said to call the Dr. so now I don't know. I did think vision changes were somewhat normal in pregnancy!


Re: Blurry vision?

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    I would say call your doctor on Monday...it doesn't sound horrible, but I would want to check. ?Of course, I'm no doctor...LOL. ?I think as long as you are not having anything else going on...there is not need for extreme worry!


    I'm feeling unusually dizzy tonight. ?Like the kind of feeling you get when you are drunk and the room is spinning around. ?NOT a good feeling. ?Hopefully that will go away soon...


    Anyway, hope it gets better and doesn't cause you too much worry.


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  • Well you happen to have caught me at the right time! I ended getting a scratch on my cornea about two weeks ago so I was in and out of the optometrists office a few times.

    I told him that I thought I might need to up my prescription and he told me that he wanted to wait about 3 months after birth and do another eye exam because often in the last tirmester or so, vision can be altered pretty significantly....especially if you already wear glasses or contacts.

    I would talk with your optometrist (or OB) about it, but they'll likely say the same thing...something happens during pregnancy that temporarily throws vision off.

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  • I had heard once that you shouldn't have Lasik surgery before PG b/c your vision can change during PG.............so seems like a normal pregnancy side effect. But I'd call the Dr anyway, especially since you have PIH.  ;)
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  • Thanks ladies. I will call just to see. I'm sure it's nothing. The doctors have made me the paranoid pregnant lady now that I'm on bed rest! I was totally relaxed before!
  • Linds, let us know what the Dr says.....
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