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WDYT: Is this over the top?

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I made a binder, seperated down into tabbed sections with all collected information from the past two years of speech, OT, Kindergarten school coorespondence, medical issues, etc.

The binder includes all present & past evaluations, handouts, therapudic excerise handouts....I'm trying to decide if I should place in there preschool reports (such as incident reports, and school handbooks) as well.

Is this over the top? Am I crazy for keeping a history file?

Its just the vanilla files i made are getting too general and confusing, and since we will be facing meetings in the future (for IEPs, etc),I would think keeping these things organized would be beneficial. I bought a 2" binder and its 80% full... I think having a visual of DS's struggles over the past few years simply breaks my heart... he's only 5yo. :(
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Re: WDYT: Is this over the top?

  • Im sad to say that most of DS's incident reports are of DS hitting/kicking/biting teachers..maybe 1-2 reports are if him in minor problems, like tripping, etc.

    I think handbooks of old preschools are too much, I agree.
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  • I have a 2 inch binder for DS1 as well. When we were doing the preschool evaluations, the evaluators loved it because I could pull out anything they needed. I keep all of his evals in their right now because he is so hung and I don't know what someone will think is relevant. I think I am going to have to start a separate binder for medical issues though. The binder I currently have is almost full.

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    I have a huge chronological binder and I'm about to start the second. I need to go through and file about 6 months worth. I keep everything and I also scan it. I use the system out lined in Wright's Law's Emotions to Advocacy.

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  • I have a binder like that (no incident reports). Mine is also chronological with the most recent stuff at the front. It's 3" thick and overflowing. It comes in handy though. I take it to appointments with specialists (which has come in handy several times).
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    I don't think that is over the top.

    I keep the school handbook and some incident reports that I have kept in each binder for each school year. I have 6 binders total. 1 for SSI, 1 for EI, school years for 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and the upcoming school year 2014-2015.
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  • I think as the school year progresses, school will end up with its own binder
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  • I have an entire binder for Jon since we're dealing with his due process issues this year. It's 4 inches thick and I'm running out of room. :( Not over the top at all.
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