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Help! I'm supposed to be getting the mirena put in in a couple weeks. I'm starting to have second thoughts about it and am really nervous about it going through my uterus and doing permanent damage, irregular periods and random bleeding l, weight gain and other hormonal issues, etc.

I've heard wonderful things but have also heard horrible things too. Maybe it's just better to stay on the mini pill until I'm done breastfeeding then go back on the full BC pill.

We want another baby 3-4 years down the road... but definitely not anytime soon!

Thoughts?? Experiences??

Re: mirena

  • I had the mirena for a year and took it out four months prior to getting a BFP. Here are my pros & cons.
    Pros: Effortless, meaning I don't have to remember to take it everyday. No weight gains, no hormonal imbalance, & no mood swings. Light bleeding in the beginning and after six months, I had light spotting which lasted 2-3 days.

    Cons: I had random mild cramping and towards the end, it became severe. I was constantly worried about the "what-ifs" what if I was pregnant, what if this causes permanent damage and I can't have children, what if so & so.. The insertion is like a pap.. uncomfortable, but bearable.

    Mirena is great if you want something convenient, but depending on your insurance, it can be expensive.
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    It's great. I didn't have any bleeding until a few weeks ago and that was only light spotting for a few days. I was freaked out, too, before they put it in and now I don't even think about it. Knock on wood, but I've had zero issues with it. Most OB's use mirena for their personal birth control so that should tell you something.

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  • I tried to get Mirena at 11 weeks pp, and she couldn't place it. She said my uterus was too long. It also hurt really bad! I know most say they didn't feel much, but for me it really really hurt.

    I'm going to go with nexplanon arm implant...if I ever make the appt.

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  • I now have my second mirena, I loved it the first time because I had no periods, some cramping occasionally but nothing like period cramps. Had it taken out after 5 years and was able to conceive in 6 months. So far with this one I am having the same experience. My OB also uses it as her BC
  • I got mine 10 weeks PP and haven't had any major issues. We would also like to wait a few years before any more babies and I can hardly remember to feed myself everyday, much less take a pill at the same time ;) It was covered 100% by my insurance so it was a no brainer for me. I've had 3 cycles since and the first two were a little heavy (could also just be related to them being my first PP periods). The most recent one was very light and lasted only 3-4 days. I can't feel it at all and haven't gained any weight. I feel like a psychopath when I take the pill and haven't experienced any of that. I give it a thumbs up.

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  • I had Mirena after my first, loved it the first year but started getting major cramps that made me hyperventilate and edema. Edema wasn't too bad, but I had 5 lbs that I couldn't lose after my first - lost it immediately upon removing Mirena. Got pregnant within 6 months, but lost the baby at 18 weeks. Not sure if it had anything to do with Mirena but my sister also had a miscarriage after removing her Mirena so I'm not a big fan of IUD at this point. My DH is getting a vasectomy before the end of the year.
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    Interesting about the foley bulb, @allypittsburgh‌ -- my Mirena insertion 4.5 yrs ago was terrible. And I couldn't even get the foley bulb. My cervix was up at an angle and my actual vagina is long and curved, so it was impossible to reach. The dr literally had his entire fist in me trying to get to it. (Not kidding.)

    As for the Mirena, I hated every second of it. But some people love it. You just never know which side you will fall on, unfortunately.
  • I am doing well with Mirena. I had mine placed in mid Feb. I had a headache for a few days but no other symptoms. I still get a normal period so that hasn't changed. We are done having kids so I'm not worried about fertility after Mirena. I'm looking at it as a bridge until we do something more permanent when we are in our 40's.
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  • Another vote for nexplanon here. Very bfing friendly and insertion is a breeze. I had one between my kids and have it again now. The stories about mirena moving and causing cramping are a little to frequent for me and I didn't Ike the thought of messing with my uterus where my future child will grow. Oh, and lost the baby weight easily from bfing as well with nexplanon. Good luck with your decision.
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    So I'm a really bad person to ask right now....I had my Mirena put in in February didn't love the fact that I basically had some form of bleeding until April, and then I got an ovarian cyst in May. I went back yesterday to have my cyst double checked to see if it had resolved and surprise! My mirena is in my cervix. I had it removed right then. Not a fan of devices not being where they're supposed to be inside of my body. I don't think I'll get another one because I'll always worry that it did that again or came out and next time I'll wind up pregnant. So I know it works great for some people, but because I get to be one of the random people that already had something happen with very low probability, I'm not taking my chances on another one. 

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