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Discomfort still from miscarriage?

This was our first loss and I am not totally sure what is normal after something like this. I am just over 5 weeks post m/c right now. I had a fair bit of pain for about a week after the start of the miscarriage and that dramatically went down after then. But the past couple weeks I have been on and off crampy and I feel like my ovaries hurt, if that makes sense. I would think maybe ovulation or something but its both sides and has been happening for a couple weeks. It is probably only every couple days and it is usually after I stand up or twist or do something with my abs. It's not insanely painful or anything. just kinda feels like someone jabbed me in the ovaries
I know no one can know exactly what is going on and can't give me medical advice. I just haven't had a loss previous to this so I have no idea what is normal. I am curious if I should make a doctor's appt? Have any of you ladies had similar pain? I would love other's experience.
Thank you
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Re: Discomfort still from miscarriage?

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    I experienced lots of random pain, my doc basically said my body had been through a lot and it was mad at me. But I would call your doc to be sure and see if you should go in

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    I had some pain about three weeks after my m/c, it turned out to be a hemorrhagic cyst that eventually resolved on it's own.  About a week after finding out about the cyst AF arrived.  There's no harm in calling your doc if you are concerned.


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    I'm in Canada so I'm not sure if its different up here. I wouldn't be able to just talk to my doctor. They make you come in for absolutely everything. So if its just normal I would really prefer not to go in lol I didn't have any follow up. I actually didn't know people did until I came to this board. At the hospital, we were pretty much told to wait til I had a normal cycle and try in a few months if we felt ready. They never said anything about needing to go see my normal doctor or that I should go for follow ups so I didn't know most people do. 
    I'm not a huge fan of my doctor and we are trying to get me on at my husband's doctor so I try to avoid her. 
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    I can't see your sig so I don't know if you had a d&c or not.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Our bodies do really strange things after loss that can be normal. However, it's always best to check with your doctor in situations like this.
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    No, I just passed everything naturally. I went to the ER the wednesday night and my cervix was still closed and everything looked okay but they didn't have an ultrasound tech in til Thursday morning so they sent me home. I had lots of blood, really bad cramps, etc and passed some tissue during the night so I was pretty sure what happened. But they confirmed the miscarriage the next morning with an ultrasound.
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    @lav17 I am also in Ontario :) Yeah I have had more than the normal amount of medical issues(nothing too serious) for my age so I think my doctor just doesn't want to listen to me anymore. Also I am not a hypocondriac, I have legitimately had all these problems, I just have bad luck. She then trys to backpaddle when it turns out a do have a medical issue. So I am hoping my husband's doctor will take me on. We were going to wait til my husband's next doctor's appt to talk to her but I think we may need to call her up and see. 
    It just feels like my body has been through a crazy ordeal and is still trying to heal and the random pains are just part of that. but I don't want it to be anything more serious.
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    Yeah it definitely seemed to change how my body is functioning. I lost our baby at 9 weeks so thats still pretty early I guess but I'm slowly getting back to normal I think...

    @lav17 We went to Presqu'ile Prov Park. Its near Brighton. The park was pretty good, but the beach was really bad.. We were pretty disappointed with that park. My husband and dad (and me a bit but not nearly as often) scuba dive so we try to pick camping grounds with wrecks or a good amount of rock ledges and stuff so they can go diving. Unfortunately the diving didnt quite work out this time either.
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    I had a D&C and I had minimal pain and bleeding for a few days after and then I all of a sudden had this horrible pain that actually woke me up in the middle of the night.

    I could only take it for a few days and had to go to the Dr.  Turns out it was blood clots that never passed.  There was no retaining tissue, but they still needed to give me meds to help the clots pass. 

    I would definitely speak to a Dr b/c as you can see from PP's there could be a number of different reasons why or it could be nothing.  Hope you can get some answers.
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    Hmm that would make some sense.. I was a little confused as to why it was both sides at the same time. 
    But yes we went camping with my husband's family last year in bruce peninsula but none of his family dive and I was on crutches and could barely walk so we couldn't go diving. But we are hoping to go back with my family sometime:) And yes, the ferrets had a fantastic time camping lol 
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    I did have some strange cramping after mine and then again a few weeks later. It wasn't very painful, just a different feeling. I know it is super frustrating to wonder what in the world is going on in there. If for any reason you feel like something is wrong, definitely call your doctor. Or just call anyway. It can't hurt.
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