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Camping WWYD?

BIL just texted and said that he's planning a camping trip and wants us to come. I told him probably not because we don't want to take DD until she's older.

Honestly there's a bunch of reasons I don't want to go. I can't stand BIL he's an ass. MIL and FIL are going and well they don't exactly agree with how we parent sometimes, plus tgeres so much tension its ridiculous. Plus BIL's wife/ex wife, two family friends that DD doesn't like and a few other people.

Plus where would I wash bottles? How am I going to keep DS and his helmet clean? Where do dirty diapers go? The in laws like to just take my kids from me. Ugh don't want to go. So J14 what would you do?

Re: Camping WWYD?

  • That's what I want to do. I'm going to have to talk to DH.
  • Yeah, I think your point about the helmet alone is reason enough to not go. Geesh, I couldn't imagine being outside in the heat with a baby wearing a helmet. Poor kid will be a sweaty mess. 
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  • I would also decline. Tell them some other time when your LO is older.
  • Based on what you are saying above I would decline.  If it were different circumstances my answer would be different but save your sanity and stay home.

  • I wouldn't even entertain the idea of going. A big no no for me would be 2 people your DD doesn't like. It's one thing if it's just a couple hours, but a few days camping? No. My kids' (reasonable) needs and wishes trump everything else.
  • I'm with all the previous responses on a big fat no to camping. Besides all the reasons you mentioned about cleanliness why should your family be miserable just bc others want you there. I'm all about going to the obligatory family events, but a whole weekend of inconvienance with a little baby. Nope!! In this case they need to be considerate of you.
  • Thank you ladies! I wanted to make sure I wasn't being crazy. I told them that we won't be going. As soon as I mentioned it to DH he said no I don't want to go with them. At least he has my back this time.
  • I'd decline. If they are just going to upset you and DD I wouldn't go.
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  • The way they sound, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them..let alone be stuck camping with them. Camping is suppose to be relaxing and fun, but when you're with a bunch of party-poopers..forget it.
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  • @BMReid‌ I think we use the same. We get his helmet on Wednesday and I'm going to buy the kit. I think its just rubbing alcohol and something to spray on it to make it smell better. I've been told since it gets so hot here its going to smell horrible. I'll let you know after we pick it up.
  • If you liked your ILs you could make it work with the bottles and such. But since you don't even like it I don't think you should bother even going.
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  • I know you are already not going, and that is great I think.  But if you do decide to camp some other time, I always use platex bottles with the drop in liners when I'm camping.  That way you only have to wash the nipple and that's really easy to do when you are washing your regular meal dishes.  Plus it doesn't really matter if it doesn't dry all the way before you need to use it again.  I have no advice on the helmet though.

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  • @shortstuff15‌ I didn't even think about the Playtex drop ins. That's a wonderful idea, but yes we aren't going this time. Even the BIL I do like isn't going.
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