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What do your newborn babies sleep in?

With my 1st child (now 22 months), he slept in a Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper for the 1st few months by my bed. I loved that it rocked, so when he stirred in the middle of the night I could normally just rock him back to sleep without ever getting out of bed. BUT this is when the recall came out about them having mold, and much to my disgust, his had mold under it despite my vigorous cleaning of all his things! I immediately threw it away.

Now that I am expecting baby #2 in a few weeks I am debating on what I need to get for him to sleep in. I liked the Rock N Play, but I am very wary of it with the possible mold issue... do you all have any other suggestions as to what he could sleep in the first few months until we are ready to move him to his own room? I have looked around online and see so many different possibilities, I don't know which to pick. I am open to any ideas (other than sleeping with us - which scares me to death).

What did your baby sleep in?


Re: What do your newborn babies sleep in?

  • We have a RNP but I'm planning on using it for naps. For night sleeping by our bed we purchased a Graco travel lite crib. It is basically a smaller version of a pack and play. It is fantastic because it folds up. You can take it with you if you need to go on a trip somewhere.
  • My 5wk old will not sleep flat on her back. The only thing we can get her to sleep in is the RnP next to our bed. But now you have me freaked about mold... I didn't know this was an issue??? I am going to look this up, but if you have info offhand please share!
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  • During the day, our DD sleeps in her stroller ( we have one of those bassinet tops) or the bouncer. At night - crib 100%.
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  • Cradle next to the bed at night, bouncy seat during the day in the living room. Hopefully we'll get her crib built this weekend and she'll nap in there during the day (nursery is on the first floor of our house).
  • We started him out in the bassinette at night, but then I noticed he was sleeping so much better during the day in the swing. I'm exhausted so now I'm having him sleep in his swing at night as well and we are getting a four and 3 hour stretch instead of once every 1 or 2 hours.
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  • roo1ooroo1oo member
    Personally I'd do the rock n play again and just keep an eye on the mold. It's only an issue if the fabric cover gets wet frequently.

    If you really really can't get over the mold potential, which BTW everything has the potential to get mold on it if fabric/creases stay wet for any length of time, maybe look into a small bassinett or try the pack n play. 
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  • I honestly think you were not cleaning it properly, that's the only way it would get mold. Mine has been through 3 kids (and currently on number 4) in 3 years and has yet to have a problem.

  • I honestly think you were not cleaning it properly, that's the only way it would get mold. Mine has been through 3 kids (and currently on number 4) in 3 years and has yet to have a problem.

    @WashingtonQueen‌ - how often and how do you clean yours?
  • owlcupowlcup member

    I honestly think you were not cleaning it properly, that's the only way it would get mold. Mine has been through 3 kids (and currently on number 4) in 3 years and has yet to have a problem.

    This. I've had mine for almost 4 years and three kids. I've never seen mold on it. I do wash the cover every couple weeks unless it gets spit up on.

    But my DD2 sleeps in the RnP next to our bed at night. We'll start putting her in a crib once her room is completed and we actually buy a crib.

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  • I'm sure you already have some great recommendations, but also consider going straight to the crib.  I did that with both of my boys and it was tough (for me) at first, but it was great to not have to transition them to their crib.  I used an angelcare (motion) monitor with my second, which gave me even greater piece of mind.  Good luck!
  • During the day, she naps in her swing.  At night she sleeps in the newborn napper attachment to her pack n play.
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  • I am a FTM but we started out having LO sleep in a rnp at night and during the day. He is now 6 weeks and sleeping in an arms reach cosleeper at night and either his swing or crib during the day.
  • my little one does not like to sleep in anything but my arms, I have a pack n play, bassinet and nothing she is 4 weeks.  So many people told me about the rock n play so a friend is giving me hers.  During the day she will sleep in the swing now and maybe 1 hour in the pnplay at night.

    I have a arms reach cosleeper that someone gave me have to see how to put it together since i dont have the directions to see if that will work.  

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  • Is my ped the only one who is anti-RnP?  She said flat surfaces only.  

    We have been using the RnP with a folded blanket underneath his butt to make the slope less dramatic (before the dr said it was bad).  Before the RnP, we had a cradle, a bassinet and a PnP with newborn napper.  He does use the newborn napper during the day for less than an hour at a time, but the cradle and bassinet are unused now.

    For night, we will be transitioning back to a flat surface.  DS doesn't sleep anywhere quietly except for when he's being held, so we are thinking of just transitioning to his crib.  Sleep...yawwwwn...

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  • I'm a first time mom, and my little one isn't due until September. However we plan to keep the little one in the crib only. We live in a small place and there wouldn't really be any room for anything else in our room. So we just plan to have the little one sleep in their own crib. I'll have a lazyboy chair in the nursery so if I have to sleep on that I can.
    However, I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping in my own bed. The rooms are not far at all.
    I guess in our case space made the decision for us.
  • QT3.14QT3.14 member
    We have the UppaBaby Vista stroller with bassinette attachment. She sleeps in that and it has worked out really well. We wheel it into our bedroom at night and wheel it into the living room during the day. She takes one nap a day in her crib so she will get used to it.
  • I also use the RNP for napping only. My baby is a little under a month, but we found that having him sleep in his crib and swaddling at night is helping with a bedtime routine. However, we have a video monitor and I defiantly think that is the only way I'd feel comfortable with him sleeping on his own at night. I'm just too freaked out. We started out with him sleeping next to me in the RNP when he was first born but he was such a loud sleeper and made so many movements I could never sleep bc I was staring at him making sure he was alive.
  • I honestly think you were not cleaning it properly, that's the only way it would get mold. Mine has been through 3 kids (and currently on number 4) in 3 years and has yet to have a problem.

    This. I used my RnP with DS extensively and am using it with this one for naps only ( we co sleep). In a few months well start her off for the night in her crib as well as naps in the crib.

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  • RNP for both girls.  DD1 until 6 months then into her crib, we are planning on the same this time around.


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  • Ds2 won't sleep in anything but the r&p or my arms. I wash it weekly and wipe the hard plastic down with bleach water because of the mold issue and so far so good!

    Ds1 always napped on our bed and we had (still have for ds2 who uses it for about 2 hours a night) the bed attachment cosleeper thing.

    Maybe look in to that? I don't remember what it's actually called lol
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  • Is your rock and play the portible bassinet one? That's what I just received from my shower (I'm due with my first child in two weeks) and it is flat.  It doesn't have the option of being sloped at all, it is only completely flat.
  • My 1 month old has been sleeping in his Arms reach co-sleeper. I did, however, elevate one side under the "mattress" in order for his to sleep better. 
  • As a FTM I read that baby should sleep in your room until 6 months, so we got a Bily bassinet. So far so good. The bassinet also comes off the stand so I use that in the family room during the day. Hard to find bassinet with high enough weight capacity. This one holds up to 18lbs.

  • Both of our boys used the newborn attachment with our pack n play that is where our now DS #2 sleeps at night. Both of my boys like to be swaddled too. During the day he sleeps in the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler rocker in the living room. Both things work great.




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