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Not sure what's up with my LO

So, my little guy is just shy of 6 months and we are now on our second baby sitter.  I have been informed by both sitters now that he cries all day, everyday when he is with them.  The all day crying is what made us lose our first sitter.  I think she tried everything she could to make him happy when he was with her but it just wasn't working.  Now, I won't act like my LO is an absolute angel when he's with me but I can honestly say he does not cry all day when we're home or out and about.  We do have bouts of crying but usually only when he's hungry or sleepy.  There's the occasional crying spurt where he just wants to be held but is often content to just lay and play with me or even when he plays on his own on his playmat or saucer.  He did just have his second tooth come through last week and is still drooling and gnawing like a mad man so I'm wondering if the top ones are on their way next.  He has also grown 8 inches in the past 6 months.  I don't know if the combination of the two is making him cranky?  I just worry that maybe something is bothering him but have no idea what's going on.  I want my little guy happy and healthy but I get really tired of hearing that he cried (sometimes screamed) all day long and then I get home with him and he's perfectly happy.  Has anyone else had something like this go on with their LO?  Does my guy just not like his sitter?  That's hard to believe when we're on a second one.  I have no idea what to think or do so I guess I'm more or less venting.  SORRY!!!

Re: Not sure what's up with my LO

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    Just like PP said, its probably the start of separation anxiety. It usually starts around 6 months and goes on for awhile. PP had some good suggestions of letting LO warm up to the babysitter first. My LO also is fine with people he knows but will cry if I hand him over to someone he doesn't know. Once he flirts with them from a distance for 30 or so minutes he warms up and will hang out with other people.
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