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What type of twins are you having?


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  • cls78 said:
    Fraternal! (Is that di/di?)    
    All fraternal twins are di/di.
    1 in 3 sets of identical twins are also di/di.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • I have di/di girls.  I thought they were fraternal, but when they came out with the same rare blood type, doctors started thinking they may be identical.  They do look a lot alike to me, but time will tell!  We will see if I decide I want to do the DNA test anytime soon.
    DD- Born 03/09/2010
    DS- Born 01/21/2012
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  • I have mono di boys. I was seen by an MFM and monitored for TTTS every week from weeks 16-28.
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  • Di/Di boys!!
  • Also Di/Di team green. 32 weeks!
  • lilydolce said:

    For the mono/di ladies are you being monitored for twin to twin transfusion syndrome ? I am 13 weeks and was asking my OB to send me to maternal fetal medicine but he doesn't think it's necessary and told me to stop googling everything. I called me local hospital and told I am mono/di and the nurse said its better to get a referral from my OB and then they would see me at 16 weeks. I am so confused why my OB doesn't want to send me there.

    I'm having Mono Di girls, 20 weeks today. Yes I'm been monitored every 2 weeks as they share 1 placenta and have a sac each. All is going well :)
  • di/di twin boys

    ************** Siggy Warning************

    Married August 2012 -- Me (40 yrs old) My husband (45 yrs. old) 

    RE referral from ObGYN in late Jan. 2013 -- Testing Confirms Unexplained IF 

    IUI #"s1 - 3 (Femara + IUI) April - June 2013 - all BFN

      Decided to do IVF... Began stimming on September 10th!  Egg Retrieval 9/20/13.  19 eggs: 6 to mature to freeze after 6 fertilized with ICSI

     3 morula stage embryos transferred on 9/25/13.....Beta #1 on 10/4/13/ = 7.5  Beta #2 on 10/6/13 =  negative

      IVF#2 - Lupron plan  (set to begin on 10/28/13)  (Planning on thawing and fertilizing our 6 eggs with ICSI as well as all of the mature eggs they retrieve with this fresh cycle.)

     Late October 2013 - ectopic pregnancy - methotrexate injection....benched 3 months

    CD1 - 12/5/13...Lupron set to start on 12/26/13; CD1 - 1/2/14....Baseline 1/3/14....begin follistim tonight and continue with lupron.  (Got my calendar today!  IVF#2 is a go!)

    ER = 1/14/14  (11 eggs....9 were mature. 9 fertilized.  Of the 6 mature eggs we thawed, only 4 fertilized.  At this time, we have 13 eggs fertilized and growing.  Waiting for news about a 3-day or 5-day transfer.)

    ET = 1/19/14  (5dt).....3 blastocysts transferred!   (All nine embryos didn't make it to freeze.  =(  )

    Beta #1 = 1/28/14   (2 weeks after ER)  BFP! 209 (9dp5dt)   EDD 10/7/14

    Beta #2 - 1/30/14  (11 dp5dt) 302

    Beta #3 - 2/3/14  (15 dp5dt)  1222 

    Ultrasound set for 2/17/14......TWINS!        Twin A - HR 124 bpm; Twin B - HR 126 bpm

    Final Ultrasound with RE 3/10/14 - Twin A - HR 176 bpm; Twin B - HR 177 bpm.

     PAIF/SAIF Welcome! 






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