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When does the bleeding stop? (C-section)

It's been 3 weeks since my c-section and I'm still having vaginal bleeding. This being my first section, I naively thought I'd be out of the woods with that, but apparently not.

I'm wearing liners all the time. The bleeding varies between a light period and fairly heavy, bleeding through and outside the liner. (I should really pick up some heavier pads, I know.) My periods are generally light so I can usually get away with just wearing a liner without any issue. So it seems pretty heavy to me. There aren't any clots that I've seen, or gushing.

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Re: When does the bleeding stop? (C-section)

  • basil2basil2 member
    It gets progressively lighter but for me, bleeding cont until 1 month and at 6 wks I'm still passing minimal amounts of blood tinged discharge. Totally annoying but unfortunately to be expected.
  • I thought I was pretty much done after a week but then got too active, and ended up bleeding (mostly lightly) for 5-6 weeks IIRC. 


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  • Mine was light most of the time but it lasted ten weeks. I was pretty active with walking and going back to running at 8 weeks but it didn't seem to get worse with those. Just light and steady for a long time. Hope it doesn't last as long for you but don't panic if it does.
  • Almost 6wks, though occasional spotting happened for a few weeks after that too.
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  • Gah! I am in week 2 and I am so over the bleeding! You ladies are not making me feel any better. X(

  • Mine was really light. I would go for days and have none then do to much activity and pass clots. I would say I was completely done by 4 weeks but only had a handful of days that bleeding was medium or heavy.

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  • I remember asking this question too....I think I bled for at least 6 weeks post partum.  It was annoying!  Good thing for me though is I didn't get my period back until 5 months post partum (without breastfeeding!)

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  • You'll have the same amount of bleeding with any type of delivery. I bled for about 6 weeks with all three deliveries.
  • PP period stopped at exactly 4 weeks PP for me.
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  • 11 weeks!! 11. It sucked. My vaginal delivery took 6
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  • About six weeks, but it stopped for a while at about four weeks and just when I was confident that it was done and stopped wearing pads, it started GUSHING out in spurts. Just when I had to go out and buy more freaking giant expensive pads, it stopped.

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  • I bled for six weeks, it started to taper off and then my period started.  :((
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  • It was three weeks, almost four for me but then my period started at 11wPP
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  • 6w with my vaginal delivery, 6w with my first c/s, 9+w with my 2nd c/s (had to start taking BCP's to kind of reset my hormones because my bleeding wasn't letting up).  It's totally normal to still be bleeding at 3w.

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  • It was about 3 weeks with my vaginal delivery (singleton) and around 5 weeks for my c-section (twins).
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  • Ugh I was bleeding what Felt like forever. I think by 6 weeks I was light/brown blood. I didn't get much of a break between that Ending and my first post-partum period


  • Mine last about 4-5 weeks. Seemed longer than my vaginal delivery.
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  • JoDocJoDoc member
    I bled for 9 weeks.  I can't say that there was no chance that I didn't have my period during the end of that, but it was a good 9 weeks before I could securely go without any pad of any sort.


  • Approx 6 weeks for me
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