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Items in crib with baby

FTM question. I know you're not suppose to put blankets or pillows in the crib with a baby but at what age is it ok and "normal" to use them?

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  • FTM too. I didn't know about this for a while actually, DD has had a blanket and stuffed crocodile in her bed since 4 or 5 month of age. I would also like to know, so I can take them out if need be.
  • LO 8 months old and she sleeps with a receiving blanket and a baby blanket.
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    both my kids had a blanket and/or lovey of some sort in their crib by around 6 months of age.  I think they recommend nothing until age one but its really about what you are comfortable with.  DS is two and he has...this is no lie....about 12 stuffed animals and two blankets and a pillow.  Kid loves his stuff in his crib and now that he is in a toddler bed he gets out in the middle of the night and puts it all back if I take it out :)  DD is 9 months and she had a small blanket/lovey but I just put a larger blanket in there the other day.  She moves around SOOO much im not concerned about her suffocating.  
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  • DD sleeps with a blanket. I put it in once I felt she was aware and able to move the blanket if she needed to. 
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  • We have a lovey and muslin blanket in with LO. He was already pulling to stand, cruising, etc. when we brought him home at almost 7 months, so we were comfortable with it. No pillow, though. He'd probably use it to climb out.
  • My 9 mo old has the glowworm in the crib. My 2 yr old just started using a blanket 3 mo ago but she always sleeps on top of it so I have her in a walker sleep sack still to keep her warm. She also has some stuffed animals and a book but no pillow yet.

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  • AAP recommends nothing in the crib before a year, but we started using a blanket around 10mo. We gave DD a pillow when we changed her crib to a toddler bed recently. She has never cared about toys/lovies, but we do have a small doll in her bed just in case.
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  • Just a small lovie starting at 8 months. I don't feel comfortable with anything else
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  • My sons crib had a mattress and bottom sheet until he was about 10 months old. He was a tummy sleeper so I was always paranoid. Like a pp said I was ok with a blanket and stuffed animal in his crib once I felt he had good head control and could move away from it if he wanted.
  • FTM also.  LO has been sleeping with a blanket and lovey in crib since the time that I felt she was able to move it out of the way if need be.  So... after she was able to roll over away from things also.

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  • Nothing

  • We have an aden and anais swaddle blanket, a lovie, and 2 stuffed animals
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  • DS is 20 months and DD is 9.5 months. Neither have ever had anything in their crib. DS is such a good sleeper so I've been nervous hat giving him a blanket will give him a distraction and interrupt his great sleep. I'll have to bite the bullet soon, though.
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