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Anyone here with carpal tunnel

I've been diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel. Kind of scary sense I'm a busy Stay at home mom. All that I can do now is wear my wrist bands and hope I get better. Any tips to heal my hands that anyone that went through what I am can help. It sucks that I have a toddler and it's hard to do things with him sometimes :(

Re: Anyone here with carpal tunnel

  • Oh no, I'm sorry! I have it mildly, but have heard pregnancy can cause this, and have a friend who has it, and having her son only aggravated it more, with holding him, feeding, etc. we're NICU nurses, and working in tiny incubator spaces can be difficult on the wrists. Wear your wrist bands, and change positions and give yourself a break as soon as you feel pain!

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  • I had it when I was pregnant. I found the wrist bands helpful but I also found sleeping with my hands up by my face helpful. Getting in the pool helped too. The water is soothing. Good luck.
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  • I've had super painful carpal tunnel for years now.  I wear wrist stabilizers that keep me from moving my wrist in ways that hurt, do regular wrist stretches and use massage techniques on my hands and wrist.  Also, avoid lifting anything unnecessarily heavy and when you do, put as much of the weight of lifting on your arms, not your wrists.
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  • I had it, still get occasional flare up.  Check out these wraps.  Worth a look into if it persists. I don't use the cold as much as the blood flow stimulator.  It really does help.
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