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Does anyone else have a scooter? DD isn't crawling yet but the girl can get anywhere on her butt! It's pretty remarkable! DD1 never did this, so it's new to me and I think it's hilarious. I wonder if she will ever crawl since she seems happy getting around on her bottom !

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Re: Scooters

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    tinab3tinab3 member
    My lil guy does this!  Just started in the last week or so.  He will sit there and go in circles.. so funny!  He seems to have absolutely no interest in crawling.  In general he is happiest when up on his own two feet.
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    My LO was scooting for a while. It was the cutest thing! She got on all fours in the crawling position however one leg was tucked under and she would drag it all over. I think she used the tucked leg to help her transition from scooting to sitting back down easily. Then one day she just "untucked" that leg and started crawling. Now she gets around super fast!
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    My niece was a scooter. I don't know if she ever did a traditional crawl. Emily does a traditional crawl and never scooted.


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